Saturday, September 29, 2007

Smoking behind the wheel a distraction?

On the BBC news website today is a piece on the new Highway Code, it goes on to mention that there are 29 new rules which includes a new safety code for new drivers.

Now being a smoker, and one that does not smoke in the car when young lfb is present, I cannot for the life of me understand how some people actually get their jobs and manage to keep them.

Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick is obviously not a smoker, and has tried to imagine a person lighting up, he states "If you're lighting up with one hand and have a fag in the other hand then obviously you've not got any hands on the wheel."

Now Jim I don't wish to piss on your chips mate, its done one handed you dolt! One only has to put the ciggie between ones lips, once it is in place the lighter is lit and placed at the end of said ciggie, two quick drags and its lit. It also takes about 1.8 seconds, and yes i did time it,and 1.8 was the slowest!!! But then I have experience of smoking behind the wheel, which is more than any of these wankers supporting the ban has! In other words you fuckwit, unless you know what your talking about then shit the fuck up!!

"So I think what we're saying is concentration is very important in the prevention of accidents." he went on to say. Actually no-one ever concentrates more than for about 10 mins in a 20 min journey, our brains cannot cope with the tedium, so it erases the everyday and useless bits. Ask any driver who does the same run day after day, the car almost runs itself! This is because it fucking well does, drivers go into autopilot mode! They do it everyday and guess what very few accidents, over concentration leads to mistakes which lead to minor bumps. But you politicains know about this after all you keep telling us you can change laws etc when we know that you can't as youve given most of the law making to the EU!

Then to compound that fact that they are all fuckwits who couldn't find their arses with both hands, Research Manager for ASH Amanda Sanford chipped in with the ASH strongly supports the move bull.

Amanda Sanford said: "Clearly, smoking while driving can be a distraction and could lead to accidents if people drop the cigarette or drop the ash. "

More bullshit, most people who smoke know the risk of dropping the fag either between the legs or in the foot well. Many have actually done it, including me, and the first thing you do is indicate and pull over, you do not panic! Try asking drivers what they do see how many say it caused a crash or and accident!

"The way it's phrased in the Highway Code is that drivers should avoid being distracted by smoking while they're driving." The Police using their radios whilst driving is not a distraction then? Or is it because they know what they are doing, have done it countless times, oeerr just like the smoker has!
"It seems to be a perfectly sensible measure because the whole business of lighting up involves taking your hands off the wheel, so you're not driving with due care and attention."

No, as with changing gear, you only take one hand off the wheel you thick cunt! As that is all that's needed! Looking in the side and rear view mirrors, looking at the speedo all takes a second, yet this isn't classed as driving without due care and attention! I also think you will find if you actually get of your fat arse and ask the drivers, unless your on the motorway, most people light up at the traffic lights!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trust the Banks?

Following Northern Rocks troubles, in which thousands of savers and investors queued, some through the night to get their savings back. Teamspirit a Public Relations company dealing with financial companies has a report which states

"Fewer than half of consumers now consider high street banks trustworthy, with almost a quarter say they do not trust any type of financial services provider."

Given that people were frightened to death of losing their hard earned money, the run on Northern Rock is in some small way understandable.

Now I am no financial whizkid, I certainly ain't rich or even well off. I get by, which is about all that most of us can say these days. I never intended blogging about banking or the Northern Rock fiasco, but I came across a footnote in a magazine in the hospital. written sometime this week by Sue Hannums who works for AWD Chase de Vere, and she was quoted as saying:

"Consumers must reignite their trust in banks and building societies because
they remain a safe home for their money"

Now just how can consumers ignite this trust? To be honest why the fek should they?

In the last two years how many people have fought tooth and nail against the banks to claw back unlawful charges? How many have done the same with Credit Card companies? How many are fighting for money back from Mortgage Companies? How come it took the efforts of normal consumers to take on the banks, when their own regulators couldn't or wouldn't?

These are the same Banks and Building Societies that have shafted any and everyone, slightly overdrawn, here's a £35.00 quid charge! Plus they charge you for the fucking letter telling you your going to be charged! Hows that for twattishness?

Now they want us to trust them again??? What utter fuckwits! Its like trusting Gordon Brown with our pensions, or savings accounts that we leave gaining interest! If we are not careful the 21century's new robber baron will have it away, oops sorry he already has!

The CEO of Teamspirit Joanne Parker said " Although the Northern Rock situation has reduced trust in companies that look after our money, the UK has one of the most regulated financial services markets in the world"

Why do they always bring out this crap about being regulated and safe and we should trust them? FFS they had their chances and at every opportunity, the banks have time and time again, (much like Gordon) fucked the normal man in the street up the arse without kissing him first!

Always regulated to look after their interests first and second and then the taxmans interest third!

I think we all need to make a stand and repeat my mantra.... You wanna fuck me? kiss me first! You no kiss me, you no fuck me!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our energy is going to be the EU's!!

Thanks to Devils Kitchen for confirming something I had only speculated about, in a recent post I wrote this

"Does the loss of the Energy Veto mean that should Russia really stop supplying the EU with its gas and oil, that the EU could claim the North Sea Fields as community property? Well yes again it means exactly that. We would of course not be able to claim compensation nor set a tariff ourselves, that would of course be set by our masters in the EU. Now I know that I am being overly simplistic, but the past has shown that no matter how laws are written, unless everything is spelt out, anything is possible!"

As ever DK does it with far more aplomb than I could, but its nice to see that an off the cuff comment could really be true and not just a scare tactic.

We need a referendum to begin to get us out of this debacle that is the corrupt and venal EU!!

Update: Sorry I omitted to mention that DK was agreeing with another blogger, whom I failed to mention Vindico who in turn hat tipped The Bruges Group!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Poetry sheer bloody poetry...

From The Remittance Man

"Nah, personally I suspect it's some eu ploy to piss off the Brits again. Honestly! Why the fuck we remain part of a club where the other members seems to spend half their time shitting in our beer glass is beyond me. Fuck em, the whole bloody lot of 'em. Let's leave and let them suck up to slimy tinpot dictators as much as they want."

I nearly wet myself, pure unadulterated brilliance, go read it all lol

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Russian crimminal gets shafted by bloggers...

It seems that the bloke who is buying Arsenal FC, is a convicted felon and people like Craig Murray ex ambassador, and veteran blogger Tim Ireland, who have helped to bring this information into the public domain i.e the blogosphere, have had their sites shut down by their hosts.

As with others who interact on "T'internet", I believe that freedom of speech is sacrosanct, I may detest what you say, I may be sickened by some of the statements you use, but I will defend to the end your right to state what you believe and the freedom to do so!

I applaud Tim, Craig and Wonko (from whom I got the tale) and would ask other bloggers to link to it. Add your comments and show that we the bloggers have a voice, one that will not be silenced!

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It's not just the "little englanders".....

From Mark Mardell's Euro blog, a comment that needs to be read.

Mandy Warmerdam wrote:
Now that the decision has been made, I feel I must speak up for the sake of democracy.I am a citizen of the Netherlands, and a proud 'Nee'-voter. I did not believe in the EU Constitution, and as soon as word of this new treaty reared its ugly head I knew it would be little different of its predecessor.

Even with the final text still largely shrouded in mystery, it has become clear that this treaty is indeed largely the same as its rejected parent.To freshen the memory, for those who have forgotten: At a turnout of 62,8%, a rough 62% of the voters said 'No'.

This was a nation's vote of no-confidence, and there was absolutely no doubt that our nation did not want this constitution or anything to do with it, and so even Prime Minister Balkenende was forced to admit this on national television, in a state that seemed almost near tears.His words were: "The Dutch people have spoken tonight. It is a clear result. Naturally I am very disappointed. The voters have given a clear signal that cannot be misunderstood. We must do everything we can to involve citizens in the Europe of the future. The cabinet will engage itself in that."

It is two years later, and Balkenende is still (or rather, once again) our Prime Minister. He, his party, and his cabinet seem to have conveniently forgotten about this statement. As a result, I am forced to consider him a liar.Worse yet, I consider him a conniving, backstabbing liar. The cabinet was well-aware that the chances of the people voicing a mass 'Nee' in a second referendum are undeniably huge.

This man is clearly not a man of his word, and not worthy of any trust. If such a man is at the head of our government, then the conclusion must be, tragic as it is, that the Dutch people can no longer trust their government.

The words must seem awfully strong and passionate, but the government seems to have forgotten the meaning of the word 'democracy'; a nation governed according to the will of its people. In fact, it is starting to reek of dictatorship, and I find the odour particularly unpleasant.

All is not yet lost, as the lower house still has a say in the matter and there are many supporters of 'Nee' present. They might still be able to get a referendum through, and in that I put my hope.

In conclusion, I can only add that Prime Minister Balkenende deserves nothing save my, and the Dutch nation's, heartfelt contempt. He and his cabinet have disregarded the will of their people, the fact that they are supposed to represent a democracy, and in certain cases have gone so far as to break their word. I fear I must speak my personal vote of no-confidence and call this treason, and I think it is time for Balkenende and his cabinet to step down.

We all need to publish other EU countries "Peoples" comments just to remind ourselves that we are not alone in our belief that all politicians are treating us all (EU wide) with contempt!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Now this is CLASS!!!!!

From Mark Wadsworths Blog.

Please go read, and giggle your heads off. Oh and there are a couple of good reads on the blog, I loved the Kate's Tits ones!! Even envy them, as I know my wife would have my nuts is a frying pan or a vice so fast if I even tried posting something similar.

well done Mark!!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The EU backs down... I don't think so!!!

The Eu have decided to leave our Pints and miles alone, if the Express is to be believed, notwithstanding that they have persecuted our "Metric Martyrs" to the full extent of the law.

A European threat to pints and miles is finally to be lifted.
Decades of wrangling between London and Brussels over switching to metric will come to an end with an announcement that imperial measures can carry on indefinitely. Since 1995, goods sold in Europe have had to display metric weights and measurements, but to appease a public outcry in the UK, imperial indications have also been allowed.That concession to British tradition was due to expire in 2009, when imperial measures faced the final curtain - banished from packaging and market stalls."

At the moment we have in the UK approx 80% of the population wanting a referendum on the EU. This postponement, for that is all this statement is, has only been given to try and appease the groundswell of public opinion against the EU.

As soon as the traitorous brown, aided and abetted by Cameron and Campbell, signs the "its really a constitution, but don't tell the Brits" Reform Treaty, and we are then locked into the EU.

That is when we lose our miles, our pints and more importantly our right to rule ourselves.

In the last few days we have seen a public outcry for the banning of E numbers in foods, unfortunately, we can't ban them, our masters in the EU have that right!

Boris Johnson bemoaning the loss of the routemaster buses from London, in exchange for the elongated bendy buses ill suited to our roads. Wouldn't tell people that we cant change back, the EU wont let us, they control our buses and coaches!

The intention to put scare pictures of diseased lungs etc on fag packets, is not an idea from our parliament it comes as usual from Brussels, from the EU.

Water metering will soon be mandatory throughout the UK for all ,because the EU, not our government have decreed it.

The reason HIP's, you know the home information packs wont be scrapped, either by Liebour or the other parties, is that we can't ban them, we no longer have that right.

How long before we are forced to drive on the wrong side of the road, forced to holiday on in the EU, forced to pay an EU Income tax?For all this is coming, and will come within five years of Gordo signing our rights away. So come on people write to your MP's, your local paper, sign every petition join I want a

Before your children's country is taken away from them!

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Nail on head???

With thanks to Puddles Cat for sending me this...

An incident occurred in a supermarket recently, when the following was witnessed:

A Muslim woman dressed in a Burkha (A black gown & face mask, {for those lucky buggers who have no muslims}) was standing with her shopping in a queue at the checkout. When it was her turn to be served, and as she reached the cashier, she made a loud remark about the English Flag lapel pin, which the female cashier was wearing on her blouse.

The cashier reached up and touched the pin and said, "Yes, I always wear it proudly. My son serves abroad with the forces and I wear it for him".

The Muslim woman then asked the cashier when she was going to stop bombing and killing her countrymen, explaining that she was an Iraqi.

At that point, a Gentleman standing in the queue stepped forward, and interrupted with a calm and gentle voice, and said to the Iraqi woman: "Excuse me, but hundreds of thousands of men and women, just like this ladies son have fought and sacrificed their lives so that people just like YOU can stand here, in England, which is MY country and allow you to blatantly accuse an innocent check-out cashier of bombing YOUR countrymen".

"It is my belief that if you were allowed to be as outspoken as that in Iraq, which you claim to be YOUR country, then we wouldn't need to be fighting there today". "However - now that you have learned how to speak out and criticise the English people who have afforded you the protection of MY country, I will gladly pay the cost of a ticket to help you pay your way back to Iraq".

"When you get there, and if you manage to survive being as outspoken as what you are here in England, then you should be able to help straighten out the mess which YOUR Iraqi countrymen have got you into in the first place, which appears to be the reason that you have come to MY country to avoid."

Apparently the queue cheered and applauded.

Smoking Trial date set...

A BLACKPOOL pub landlord has changed his name to Guy Fawkes after having his trial date set for bonfire night.

Hamish Howitt, 55, proprietor of The Happy Scots Bar on Rigby Road, is the first publican in England to stand trial on charges of flouting the new countrywide smoking ban.And taking inspiration from his trial date – November 5 – he has changed his name by deed poll to Hamish "Guy Fawkes" Howitt.

The pub owner has pleaded not guilty to 12 offences of failing to prevent smoking in smoke-free premises. His son Hugh Howitt, 37, and bar manager Warren Thompson, 25, have both denied two offences of failing to prevent smoking in smoke-free premises at the bar.
Mr Howitt said: "I've changed my name by deed poll to Hamish Guy Fawkes Howitt. It cost me £63.50. Guy Fawkes tried to burn down Parliament as a rebellious step against the government."Where Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament I want to outfox them."A charge was withdrawn against Howitt's wife Joanne, 41, after Vicki Cartmell, prosecuting, offered no evidence and magistrates dismissed the case against her.
Howitt has stated he would go to jail rather than pay any penalty.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tasers to be used....

If these tasers stop one innocent person from being killed by inept and ill trained fire arms officers, then they are to be welcomed.

How ever I would argue for and like to see, that well before the Political elite give their approval for the use of these weapons, every politician should have to suffer the effects first hand!

Too many times we suffer legislation that never really has any effect upon those whom make it! Get Gordon, Milibrat and StrawMan to suffer the effects, then see how quick they are to permit it! After all if it good enough for the normal population, then its obviously good enough for the politicians!!

It also raises the possibility of a TV show dedicated to see just who is the "Strongman" or woman of politics, taser each politico, just to see who lasts longest, it would be great areas could vote for their local MP or councillors, to take the shot. The leader board would show who is able to withstand the shock without pissing their nickers.... A sure fire money winner,,,,, my money is on hague he seems to have some balls, I would cherish watching Darling piss his silky women's underwear...

In these days of equality, our lady MP's should also be forced to undergo this trial, but I wouldn't want to watch Ann Widicome...... Ggrrrr sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it...

So who would you taser and why?

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My that was quick....

Well well well, it seems that Mr Colin Read, got his comeuppance quicker than expected, the Mail, (who had the courage to print his photo, and his place of work in the original article)has followed up on the case, and report that he has been sacked by LEK management consultants.

Now I usually wouldn't want nor do I like "witch hunts", but in this instance I believe that it is warranted and justified, and I thank the Mail for these articles.

My main contention is that this young bully and thug, should have been charged with more serious offenses, and that he should have been jailed, for I believe that these attacks on his wife warranted a jail term. Far too often we discover that those men who beat their wives are in effect, just simply cowards, who use violence to either get their own way or use it as a way to prove their superiority over their victim.

The fact that he has been sacked does not let the judge, who let this man walk free, 0ff the hook, I still say he should be castrated or horse whipped. Maybe a better idea would be to educate him as to the realities of domestic violence, the way it scars the persons involved.

Well done The Mail and of course a hat tip to Katy Newton who brought it to peoples attention via the devils kitchen, which is a fantastic read, please go visit!

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