Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cool Picture

I think our American cousins are learning, I just love this Picture, and grateful thanks to

from where I borrowed it. I am wondering if I should do one with Tony blairs face in place of Bush...well I did it anyway... lol changed the wording.. and what ya think folks.

Book review

England Our England

A Nation In Jeopardy!

I recently purchased the above titled book, by Vernon Coleman.

It was advertised in the Daily Express, being a cynical person regarding the EU, and by being cynical I mean wanting out!.. I bought the book.

If only half of what this guy writes about is true, then we need to wake up and get our country back. I could write pages of facts, figures and give you examples and sound bites.

If I did you wouldn't believe me, so all I can say is go out and buy the book, or failing that borrow it from your local library, if they have it in stock.

Get it, read it and then write to your MP, MEP, local papers, discuss everything in the book, but we must act upon it.

Smacking... for or against?

Well the silly season is well and truly upon us once again. Yes, the anti Smacking brigade is up to old tricks.

The Commissioners for Children have decided that smacking is against the child’s best interests and wellbeing. They want a total ban on smacking.

Sorry, but NO!!! I can accept that some parents do go to far, when chastisement becomes more, when it is a form of bullying and even assault. Maybe I was lucky and had good parents, but I remember being smacked, and the shock and humiliation of it. Yes I know its trite, and a cliché as well, but I really do believe it did me no harm whatsoever. I can state that I know it made me aware of right and wrong, and that punishment was likely to be forthcoming if I did anything wrong.

I remember being punished at school, having the strap and cane, and if I was in the wrong I said nothing to my parents, but if I knew I was right and the teacher was wrong I knew that my parents would back me to the hilt.

No doubt all those over 35 years old will have memories of teachers who actively loved using the cane/strap/slipper. It was this mentality that the No Corporal punishment in School’s rule tried to stop. All they had to do was make it harder to give corporal punishment, not cancel it out all together. But as always that task was too hard for them, we had a total ban.

This leaves us now in an untenable situation were the children and youth of today have no fear, they know people cannot touch them, they feel they are above the law. We have allowed our politicians and the “do gooders” in society to ruin a whole generation of our youth.

Unless we as parents draw the line in the sand, and state "this far and no further"! we will lose more of our children, allowing them to become yobbos.

To my mind it all comes down to common sense, something that the government seems to have far too little of these days.

I remember my dad telling me that he hated smacking me, and I said to him "One day I'll be big enough to hit you back!” He retorted, "That is maybe, but I guarantee three things Alan,
1. You won't want to,
2. You will thank me one day, and
3. You will not know how I feel until you have children of your own. Then and only then can you tell me if I was wrong.

Take it from me he wasn't! And if truth be known if I am half the man my father is I will be a happy man.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nation States

If you think you got what it takes to run your own country, view mine and then join and make up your own.


Thursday, January 12, 2006


Last nights T.V., had an informative and interesting theme, Satanic Rituals in Rochdale.

I can accept that sometimes the TV makers, do air programmes that are sensationalised to catch the viewers.

This however, was not one of them!

The story concerned families on a Council Estate in Rochdale, and the after effects of an unwarranted and unjustified investigation by Rochdale social services. Whilst I understand that we are looking back in hindsight at events that occurred a few years ago. What stuck me as most noticable was the complete lack of accountability by the Social Services department. Add this to the complete lack of any help or aid to the families concerned, and that a TV company had to go to court to overturn a "gagging order" given by the Family Court, to prevent the childrens story from being told,(and one also presumes to protect the culpable Social Workers) beggars belief.

In the days after Mr Tony Blairs statement that the Country needs to return to a culture of respect, what respect was given to the adults and children in the above case?

None! These children were taken from their homes by force! The children were medically examined under the flimsiest of excuses, based on one social workers interpretation of a childs dreams. This in itself constitutes State Abuse, if not State Sanctioned Rape! Some of the childrens friends were taken from the safety of their homes in dawn raids.

Far too often, we as citizens of this country are told that the National and Local Governments and all their agencies and departments know what is best and what is in our best interests. All to often this is proven to be wrong.

But even more worrying is that the usual statement given by all concerned is "It was in the childrens/persons/families best interests". As if this sop absolves any responsibility for their actions.

It is not a valid excuse it is a cop out, social services always use the same excuse believing that this makes everything alright. Then its the favoured "think of all the people/children we have helped". But that does not help anyone when they have got it catagorically wrong. Nor does their inability to admit they got it wrong!

Any member of Social Services that gets it wrong should be sacked! No "If's or But's" they should lose their jobs, and the councils should be made to pay damages.

If other services suffer because of the amounts wasted in paying compensation, TOUGH!!! Get it right!!!

If these people "got it right", and got it right first time, there would be no need of apologies or compensation! Remember they are supposed to be the experts!!!

But all too often these experts are not experts at all, they have a degree in social work, this in itself does not mean they are qualified to deal with anything. They have a qualification, but it appears no common sense!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Which Harry Potter character would you be?

You scored as Albus Dumbledore. Strong and powerful you admirably defend your world and your charges against those who would seek to harm them. However sometimes you can fail to do what you must because you care too much to cause suffering.

Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
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New Year

Hello, and welcome to my first blog of the New Year,

I wouldn’t really class my self as political, nor am I overtly zealous in the following of politics or political doings. However this year is set to change, I have decided to aim my often spurious rants, towards those who deem themselves to know what is good for us.

I seldom believe the “Conspiracy Theorists” but do pay attention to their meanderings, as they occasionally do have a snippet of truth in them.

So remember you heard it here second or possibly third hand!!!!


You can now be arrested for anything!

In the past a Police officer, had to ascertain that a crime had been committed, and that the penalty for that crime had to be five years imprisonment before he could arrest you! Now that came as news for me, as I thought that Public order offences or P4 or P5’s as they are now known (and usually entail a small fine) they are the old breach of the peace offences. Wereby if an Officer wished to move you along he could arrest you under the P4 and P5 sections. Usually used to give you time to cool down or to enable the Officer to get you out of the area, to defuse the situation. Also give him an excuse to return to the nick, for a brew and or to get warm.
So now included in the arrestable offences, are littering, refusing to give name and address to an Officer. Please remember I do not think that they have made everything arrestable just so as to get everyone on the DNA data base, as that would be to much to believe……. Or would it????