Thursday, September 21, 2006

Care Home Fiasco

Most young people in local authority care are destined to end up in prison, homeless or working as prostitutes, a report by a think tank claims.
Of the 6,000 who leave care each year, 4,500 will have no qualifications and a fifth will be homeless, says the study by the Centre for Policy Studies.
Report author Harriet Sergeant said the system was failing young people and society and perpetuating an underclass.
The government admitted that more needs to be done despite recent improvements.
In 2005, 60,900 children were in care with most placed with foster parents or in children's homes.
Abusive childhood
The report - entitled Handle with Care: an investigation into the care system - showed most were in care due to abuse or neglect (62%), family dysfunction (10%), absent parents (8%), and socially unacceptable behaviour (3%).
It also found:
within two years of leaving care 3,000 of 6,000 young people will be unemployed
2,100 will be mothers or pregnant
1,200 will be homeless
nearly half of all young people leave care at 16 or 17
Ms Sergeant said a childhood of abuse followed by an adolescence spent in care sets up young people for all the disadvantages that define social exclusion: illiteracy, homelessness, drug and alcohol dependency, prostitution and criminality.

This is a damming reprt from people who have a tendancy to know more than most people about what is actually going on in our "Care Homes" for our children.

So lets get this right Tony Bliar and his cohorts, tell us as parents that the "State" knows best, and we have to bring our children up as per the governments guidelines! Yeah right but what the report doesnt mention is the amount of abuse suffered whilst the kids are in care!

What fucking planet is he on! Not content with fucking the country over Iraq, Peerages for sale, and just basically being a lying toady bastard who cant lay straight in bed!!!

The State Care homes for kids dont bloody work!!! Thats roughly 50% of all kids leave state run care homes end up at the bottom of the heap, right at the bottom and not much chance of getting any higher, we as a country should be ashamed.

We need to get rid of Bliar and his spin mongers NOW!!!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Who needs religion.....

The ragheads are at it again, this time attacking the head of another faith. Namely the head of the Catholic church, for supposedly attacking their prophet Mohammed. The statement the Pope made, that caused all the fury is as follows;

The emperor's words were, he said: "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

This was part of a speech given by the pope in Germany. He was quoting a 14th Century Christian emperor who said the Prophet Muhammad had brought the world only "evil and inhuman" things.

Now I do not believe in any religion no matter how nice, clean or gentle they maybe, I tend to subscibe to the view that all religion is a way of controlling the masses, and that any man with half a brain can see the contradictions and ill thought reasonings of bygone ages.

But for the Islamists to keep on banging their respective drums all the time over each and every slight, can only do their cause harm. The islamic religion will have to learn as the catholic church has had to do, that it has no moral, intellectual or idealistic right to curtail any-ones freedom of speech. For a religion whose Prophet actually states in the Koran, that all unbelievers should be put to the sword as well as those who will not convert! I think they should be very wary of not pissing off the rest of the world, who might actually believe a religion with ideals and aims such as killing non believers is a non starter, and actually begin to reduce the Islamic numbers by whatever means.

My own humble opinion is that as the Islamic religion gets more numbers its views and aims and ideals will become more and more inflexible and more and more violent. More willing to try and impose its bitter and twisted views of right and wrong on the rest of the world. Remember if they had the upper hand they would not be as tolerant of our religions as we are of theirs!

Any Islamics in the UK who adhere to this religion should be told if they wish to practice their "faith" in this way, to practice it back in the Islamic regions. Otherwise shut the FUCK up!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Well, not a lot to say about immigration other than state the bleeding obvious....

We are a small Island Nation, we have our beliefs and our customs our history and traditions, a way of life that is endemic to our own shores.

We have our own sense of self as either English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh, maybe we as a race are at times a bit anal, a bit stuffy and more than a little eccentric but we are all in all British.

Now if I go to any other country to live, I have to abide by their laws and customs, some of them may seem alien and a wee bit silly but, hey, what the hell I chose to go and live there and I take the rough with the smooth!

So why do other "peoples" think they can come to the UK, and expect us to respect their religions and customs over our own?

It's not just a case of fitting in because with all due respect to the Politicians who know diddley squat, they do not fit in! You want your own schools, NO! sorry no way. Your children should go to English Schools and be taught English. You want to honour you own customs and traditions, ok in your own time, not in mainstream school hours. Start a saturday or sunday school, other races that have come to stay in our lands have done so, Chinese, jewish etc. They did it why don't or cant you?

There is one law in the UK, and its ours, you cannot have your own courts, your own laws are secondry to ours, the UK laws and customs take priority over all your laws!

Whats that you dont like it.... right well then fuck off back to your own country of origin.