Saturday, January 26, 2008

Can we have some gun's now please?

I want to bring back the right to bear arms, that was given to us in the Bill of Rights, not that the Bill has ever really been repealed or cancelled out. During the Metric Martyrs fight back, Justice Laws, decreed that the Bill of Rights was sacrosanct and could never be taken away.

With this in mind, does the legislation in place that bans owning hand guns, have any legality?

With the rising amount of serious crime and the proof that criminals have and will use guns at even the slightest provocation, does this not suggest it is about time that we as people started to look to our own defence and protection?

How many friends and neighbours do you personally know, that keep baseball bats or other weapons near the front door, just in case? I know of a couple of people that do and one of them is an ex copper!

As someone who has served in HM Forces, and carried weapons and seen the damage that they can and do inflict. My first instinct was that they should all be banned, but as we have seen and continue to see, the banning of hand guns doesn't work! All it does is make it easier for the criminal to overpower their victims.

Another point to ponder, is the Police Force, as it cannot do the job it was set up to do, ie. protect the citizens and bring to justice criminals, would we be correct in thinking that we are therefore entitled to defend ourselves? Does this not offer more proof that we should be able to arm ourselves?

Without wishing to bring about a vigilante culture, I think its about time we took back our laws, after all they were made for us, hence the term common law. The law doesn't belong to the judges nor the solicitors, they can interpret it, but its our law handed down to us by those who fought and died for all our freedoms. The law doesn't belong to the political classes, they may make suggestions, they may legislate, but as one Parliament cannot be bound by another, so too, laws that are ill conceived can be repealed and changed and declared null and void.

My mother has an idea or two about sex offenders, well more about their punishment and how it should be doled out. She suggests putting the convicted person in a room with about 20 unarmed women who's children have been abused for about 15 Min's. She reckons this would cure most of the offenders chances of re offending when the justice system releases them early. As she says with what is left of the offenders wedding tackle, (if anything) he will be unable to re-offend. Not too sure about what the Human Rights Act would say about it, but it is seriously biblical in its simplicity.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy New Year.....

Well folks, its now officially 2008, and we are all wondering what this new year has in store for us.

My apologies for lack of posts, but the gap for chrimbo was extended due to massive building projects, ok not so big really , but having bathroom ripped out and replaced, doors ripped out and windows replaced to me is major. Even more so when its all got to be paid for :-(
(Having read all the blurb etc, I am assured that end/start of year is the cheapest time to get work done, as everyone is suffering from lack of cash.)

Anywho, the labour or should that be Liebour Party have had members caught lying and cheating, no surprise there then! Yet still refusing to resign, oh for the days of the Tories who at least had the decency to pack up and fuck off when all went wrong! (I don't mean I actually want them back in power, just that they seemed generally to be a little more honourable, if such a thing is possible with politico's)

Our government of esteemed liars and charlatans are forcing through parliament the "reform treaty" and one could hazard a guess that it will be forced through no matter what, unless of course some fucker bombs parliament...... no wait that's November the fifth isn't it?

Whilst there has been a lack of posting on my part I have as ever managed to keep up with all the blogs that I read, and please be assured that I do read you all, even when I don't comment.

So onwards and ever onwards, the fight still remains, let us all join in making it hard for all the fuckwits in office and the so called opposition.

Once again Happy New Year to one and all.