Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nostradamus eat your heart out ....

The last few months have been rather intense, for every one on this little island that we call home. Many changes are taking place, some forced upon us and others way beyond our scope to change.

Is the UK finished? No I don't think so, I like to believe that eventually my fellow English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish brethren will finally wake up and realise what is happening to our once great nation.

I believe that the Labour Party after losing the next election will exist only as a minor party much like the Lib Dems do now. The Lib Dems will raise their ballgame and take the place as the second party, leaving the way for either UKIP or the BNP to take the fight to labour for the remaining votes.

I believe that the next five years will be about British recognition of what has gone on before, we will as a nation revisit our triumphs and our spectacular own goals. The EU will be left to sail without British money, as we learn to draw in our horns, and start to look after our own once again. This will not be without rancour and conflict, as everyone knows the EU is willing to fight for its own survival, but ultimately we will prevail!

Multiculturalism will remain for some time, but once the message gets through that we as a people cannot be changed by subterfuge, nor by coercion, the end game will come. We the indigenous population will still welcome other peoples and other religions, but without the fear of offending them that was foisted onto us by the PC brigade.

Some small repatriation with regards to the Iraq war, which we were taken into illegally, will have to be made, but Bliar and Brown in the dock will be a lovely sight to see!

I am saddened by the knowledge that the UK banks will not change their ways, and they will have to be reigned in once again, and this time taught a real lesson.

The same must be said of our MP's, all of whom should be horsewhipped and ran naked through the streets, they need an abject lesson in who they serve, and what they can and cannot do.

The message that Man Made Global Warming was and is a smoke screen for a far greater menace stalking this world, will finally be released to a stunned public!

At the end we will all see the more things change the more they stay the same.



Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

Fair do's, but are your sympathies more with UKIP or with BNP? There is a world of difference.

8:13 pm  
Blogger LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

Hopefully not showing any sympathy for either mark, but admit to prefering UKIP. But living in the area that I do, I hear and note what people are saying about being let down by the popular parties, its just my thoughts lol....

9:18 pm  
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