Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ex Blue Peter Star Accused again...

It seems poor old John Leslie cannot be left alone, once again an allegation of rape has surfaced, from 13 years ago.

One point that I have made before in another post regarding Owen Oyston and his conviction for rape, is the time scale. I believe it unfair to ask what any of us were doing 13 years ago, and even more foolish to expect us to remember.

Who under direct questioning from a QC or barrister, could fail look anything other than shifty and suspect, just for not really knowing or recalling fully an event that took place years ago.

John I hope that the gods are with you and once again you prevail, unfortunately in this day and age, mud sticks, and many will have already convicted you believing that there is no smoke without fire!

But I do find it rather odd that yet again, its either the Police or the CPS, who appear to have leaked the story to the press, permitting the media to hold a kangaroo court in the papers. It begs the question does someone really have it in for the poor guy!

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