Friday, May 23, 2008

and they still don't get it!!!

Well the by-election in Crewe and Nantwhich is over, and the liebour spin merchants are spouting total tosh, even the PM (my hand in your trousers) Brown has said that this is a clear instruction from the electorate to carry on and do his job!

Gordon you myopic fucker, listen, the reason you lost in Crewe is the town has had a massive influx of Polish immigrants, they cause problems in the town centre pubs and clubs. They have no idea of how to deal with the english birds, who might flirt and flash, but you better not touch! They do not like what their town has become and rather than face ridicule and being slighted as racist, they have done what they wanted to do, given you a pasting!

The people of Crewe have listened to your excuse that immigration is good for our economy, but towns like these have a massive drain on the local infrastructure and services, that the supposed £6 billion benefit immigration provides to the economy, simply does not cover costs incurred by these councils and service providers.

They see low paid jobs going to the poles and other EU immigrants, they walk through their own town, and hear foreign tongues that have no idea about the "English culture",you know the culture that your party wants to get rid of, because your embarrassed and you hate it!

Then there is the manifesto promise on a referendum that you broke, not for one minute did you understand that, the Labour strongholds in the North (the supposed backbone of the Labour party), have bloody good memories and can spot a liar a mile off, and they will in time get rid of you and your scottish mafia currently in charge. They know you have lied about the economy and they know you as chancellor have doubled taxation and introduced stealth taxes galore, they see themselves as under siege, and as such they have turned away from your party.

Your "understanding" of what the people are telling you, is seriously adrift from what they are saying, they don't want you gordon, and most of all they don't want a labour party headed by a scottish mafia.

If I thought you were an honourable man I would ask you to fall on your sword, but as we all know you are not honourable, so just shrivel up and die, you sad sack of shit!

Footnote and one final point, how can a party that is bankrupt be trusted with our money, when they have proved to be incompetent with their own finances?

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Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

Amen to that, LFB.

10:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man i can`t stop agreeing with you

10:11 pm  

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