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The Nulabour harridan Harriet Harman has called for prostitution to be made illegal.

When considering this subject I really do wish people would stop and actually think what this would mean, I try to be as dispassionate as possible and expect other to do the same.

We are informed that historically its the oldest profession, since before biblical times prostitutes have plied their trade.

Harriet makes use of the "sex worker trafficing" and "illegal international human trafficing" and that we need to stop sex being sold to stop the trafficing. With never a thought that, as we obviously have a market for "sex workers" and they can earn good money in the UK proves there is a need.

Now which do you think will work, a complete ban, that drives sex workers underground, puts them further under the control of pimps and criminals? Or legalisation of brothels, run in the same vein as the ones in some American states or Germany.

My opinion for what it is, draws me to the simple conclusion that legalisation is the only way to go!

If people are being traded for work in the sex industry, then legalised brothels would stop the trade in unwilling workers. Monitored and policed the girls would be required to have frequent health checks, but more importantly would be safe.

The premises could/would be out of town, avoiding the nimby's

The areas would be policed and any wrong doings by clients cracked down on.

The earnings would be taxable, giving revenue to the exchequer.

I have not done any deep research, but from what I have read Germany's sexual offenses against womans rate is much less than the UK, (although trawling through there does seem to be some slight increase of offences commited by new Immigrants)

The criminal elements that then set up private brothels could be the ones the police and authorities target. With severe penalties for those who break the law.

For those whom the idea seems abhorant, I understand as I wouldn't like my sister to be a prostitute, but where there is a need, and lets face it some people really need to be able to use the services, I would be willing to to permit prostitution.

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Blogger BenefitScroungingScum said...

It's just bizarre! Making prostitution illegal is hardly going to deal with the problem of sex trafficking. It strikes me as a way to be all 'right on' and act as though they're dealing with a problem they actually have no idea how to even start with.
Sure, no-one likes to think about prostitution, but in reality many women are somehow involved these days. The problems with the benefits system, student debt etc have driven many women to massage parlours or escorting, partly I would suggest because many of the cash in hand jobs have now gone since minimum wage. The reasons are so varied, but making it illegal as you say simply put the burden on to the women. It's ridiculous. Bendy Girl

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Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...


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Anonymous Pi said...

Legalising prostitution is definitely a good way to go, but don't imagine that by having brothells rather than streetwalkers much will change. In Germany, which you mention, brothell owners tend to come up before the courts with surprising regularity, and are shown to have forced workers in their ranks. These tend to be younger women (above legal age at least, thank heavens) who have been promised work in their Eastern countries, and are contracted to pay for their transport to the West.

These contracts cannot be paid off, because the interest alone doesn't allow the capital to be reduced. The young women are brought over to Germany, France, Spain and so on, and housed in a brothell where they are held, against their will, obviously, and used. They have no passports, are illegally in the country and have literally no hope.

Of course, with the right controls ...


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