Thursday, November 15, 2007

Conspiracy Nut?

Is it just me, or are we all going to hell in a hand cart?

I think I may becoming a "conspiracy theorist", I feel that there is a explicit agenda that those in office (they are never in power) seem to want to ram down my throat.

The Government tells us that the best interests of the UK is to be in the EU, which is fine, if they think that, maybe its true. I don't know, I really don't know. But then I begin to question some of their statements and actually look at what is happening. I see Brown saying we have red lines that are safe and that we will not need anymore treaties for at least 10 years.

Actually reading the Reform treaty aka constitution, hidden away in small print are small statements, like that any veto's will be erased after 5 years, when majority voting takes effect, at the same time as all parts of the treaty must be observed by all member states! Now I take this to mean that Gordo and Millibrat are lying, that they know the red lines are shyte, but haven't the bottle to tell us. Or maybe they are being lied to by the other members of the EU? So which is it? just who do we believe?

Then we have the french idiot Sarkozy stating "It would a mistake to think that with the simplified Treaty we have sorted everything, we can sleep easy and that no other issues are pending. Now we have got to resolve the political issues and to broach them without fear. We have got to debate them without taboos. Budgetary policy, trade policy, monetary policy,industrial policy, taxation, all policies, any policies... What does our European commitment mean for each of us if we are incapable of debating the creation of a European defence?"

So I take it that this now cancels out Browns statement that we will not need any more treaties for the next 10 years!

I see people in my country asking the govt, to ban e numbers in foods, only to be told by the press, not the politicians, that this is now an EU competence and therefore we cannot ban them!

In order to ban them we would have to ask the other 26 members to agree to ban them, and if the bigger part of those 26 members say fuck off, we can't ban them. But if the majority of them say yes lets ban them totally, it then goes to the commission (or a part of it) who can say, nope sorry your all wrong, you cant ban them cause we say so. This is supposed to be more democratic how?

You see I don't believe we are really democratic at all, I have begun to realise that this two party system we have, and lets face it the Lib Dems are just pissing in the wind so don't count, itself negates democracy. Two parties both singing from the same hymn sheet about the EU, cannot be democratic at all, therefore to my mind it follows that we are not in a democracy.

We can't be if the same parties are in office year after year, decade after decade, both pursuing the same agenda of further EU integration. Giving more controls to an outside body that we cannot elect or get rid of!

So am I mad, have I become a conspiracy nut? You tell me, all I know is I know nothing but my gut reaction is they're up to no fucking good, they want to kiss me without fucking me first!

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Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. It's not just you.

4:06 pm  
Blogger old and angry said...

You are not alone!

4:17 pm  

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