Saturday, October 06, 2007

Brown Bottles Election...

Well so much for all the hype, the no mandate PM Gordo (I want your Money) Brown, has said that he does not want to call an Autumn election.

He says's if he called an election it would have been about competence, fitness to govern as it were, Gordo cites, Foot and Mouth spread ( from a government run facility), the terrible summer floods, (When he was chancellor he cut spending on flood defences) and the financial crisis facing the banks (when he was chancellor he set the rules under which the banks could ask the Bank of England for help) all these supposedly prove his competence to run the UK.

Gordo now wants to show us his "vision for change in Britain" specifically Housing, Education and Health! This bloke beggars belief, just how much of a fuckwit is he??? He was chancellor for the whole time that Tony Bliar was PM, as chancellor he had overall control of monies and where exactly they were to be spent.

He wasted untold millions on the Millennium Dome fiasco, he wasted money in creating more middle managers to oversee the targets in the Health Service. None of the extra money went on or reached the front line nurses or Doctors.

Wasted millions on the "Academy" schools, that are not performing, spewing out thousands of kids unable to read or write basic english!

Created the housing crisis by allowing more and more immigrants to come into the country, creating a shortfall in adequate housing, but also an increased drain on the NHS, the Transport infrastructure and services provided by local councils.

In other words he wants us to believe he and only he can put right the wrongs that were created by his Liebour government!

Listen you scottish fuckwit, you've had ten years, you make laws that don't apply to your own constituents, you know the tossers that voted for you, and we are expected to swallow it all hook line and sinker? Bottling scotch cunt!!!

****Update**** He also mentioned the terrorist attack in Glasgow, which was halted by members of the public, fuck all to do with his "intellegence agencies"!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bloke's as yellow as a plate of custard! Soft as it aswell! The dirtbag shouldn't even be prime minister!

12:34 am  
Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...


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