Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Now this is CLASS!!!!!

From Mark Wadsworths Blog.

Please go read, and giggle your heads off. Oh and there are a couple of good reads on the blog, I loved the Kate's Tits ones!! Even envy them, as I know my wife would have my nuts is a frying pan or a vice so fast if I even tried posting something similar.

well done Mark!!

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Blogger Henry North London said...

Oh I know He's done it five times I wish I'd thought of it first too

I had seen them jiggle and I did wonder if anyone had commented and hes top of the google hits for it too


I suppose it'll have to be cuddle cat next

5:31 pm  
Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

LFB, thanks, I am honoured, that is the first time somebody has linked to one of my posts AFAIAA.

9:58 am  

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