Thursday, August 16, 2007

Drinking Attacked again....

I have said it often enough before, but people who are in positions of implementing the law and in day to day charge of the Police, should if they wish to change the law become politicians, not pontificate from their ivory towers.

The Chief Constable of Cheshire, Peter Fahy has been quoted in the Telegraph, as once again asking for more powers, increasing the legal age to buy alcohol from 18 to 21 and a blanket ban on drinking on the streets apart from accepted areas.

This is because of a Home Office statistic which concludes that the instances of binge drinking are on the increase. Which is in turn leading to an increase of drunken loutish behaviour, Mr Fahy says;
the fact that many of them are drunk causes them to become more aggressive and less willing to accept adult or even police admonishment.

This of course could have nothing at all to do with the fact that, as stated elsewhere
in the article;
There has been an avalanche of new laws to deal with anti-social behaviour. The police have powers to impose curfews, local authorities can designate areas as
non-alcoholic zones, with on-the-spot penalties. From next week, police will
have a new power to disperse teenagers from a specified area.

Or the simple fact that once again people are being pissed off with being told what to do, by a Police force that does not protect us. A Police Force that doesn't really know what it is anymore! When they gave up policing the roads to inanimate speed cameras, walking the beat to driving around in cars, then the short step to policing via CCTV cameras. Where are the real coppers, the real policemen, we see more and more PCSO's out and about in our town centres, albeit only during daylight hours. But a PCSO who has only five weeks training cannot do the job of a real policeman, simply because people do not trust them, they know its policing on the cheap!

The real Police Officers are stuck in the station dealing with government targets, ticking boxes and filling out reams of forms, for 90% of their shift. Whilst the 16 year old PCSO's with 5 weeks training try and cope on the streets! The laws we had we more than adequate for the job, yet they were not utilised effectively.

Why don't the political classes try working with the real police for a month or two, stay away from the wankers in charge who have never done a days policing in their lives. You know the ones like Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, who wouldn't know how to arrest a pisshead or druggie without getting his arsehole shafted or having to replace his underwear or trousers!

You know, like when parliament is closed during summer recess, instead of fucking off abroad, get to a local police station, and follow the front line staff for a mnonth. See how long promoting fuckwits like Mr Fahy, (who espouses the governments line day in and day out, without understanding or passing on the reality of the situation), would last


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