Thursday, July 05, 2007

Media and words?

Since starting online back in 1999, I have watched less and less Television, sometimes even missing the news. I don't and didn't follow the soap's, not from active dislike, but they as a genre do not interest me personally.

If anything I watch mainstream TV that I assume all of us do, a little bit of House, CSI (not all of them I cannot stand CSI:Miami)Casualty, Holby City, so I suppose they are dramas, but with a factual element. I used to have sky but that was mainly for the kids, and I used to watch more factual programmes, History, National Geographic etc, than I did on mainstream TV.

Now having a youngster, at nearly 10 months old, who can crawl and move about rather quickly. Sometimes quicker than these old bones of mine are able to. I have taken a step I never took with the other kids, in order to let his food settle and to avoid horrible reddy orange stains on the carpet, (why is baby food always red or orange?) we plonk him down in front of the TV. Cbeebies is the channel he watches, channel 71 on freeview, I don't believe he understands, and it is only for 10 15 mins, whilst I clean up his meal time mess.

Half listening to the programme, half paying attention to what I was doing, I suddenly stopped, the Tweenies were talking about global warming and recycling and the need to do our bit. This shocked me, the programme is aimed at pre-school children, and they were teaching that global warming is a fact, and the comments were all one sided. Saying people that didn't recycle were bad people.

After putting Riley down for his afternoon nap I flicked back to Cbeebies, and Barnaby was on, talking about going on a picnic, the next thing a lady appeared asked Barnaby his "menu" for his picnic,then told him what was and wasn't good for him to take with him. All natural foods, 5 a day veg, less salt, sugar free etc etc, convincing the bear to adapt his diet, to a more acceptable version, or should I say a more politically correct one.

I watched the programme till the end, then came Balamory, again a similar thing all recycling, healthy diet etc etc,

WHAT THE FUCK!!! As far as I am aware part of being a pre-school kid is having FUN, learning as all about co-ordination, colours, music, nursery rhymes, words, playing with water, sand, clay etc etc.

Not to listen to propaganda, about global warming, recycling, I thought that the BBC was supposed to put both sides of any story, or does it not matter when it is indoctrinating children? Something else I have noticed, mainly on Boogie Babies, (really don't ask) how come if the muslim population only makes up 3-4% of the population, why are 45% of the stories/music on Boogie Babies are about the muslim culture?

Am I just being paranoid or is there really a form of indoctrination going on with our kids???

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's actually nearly 11 months old, but your a man so I'll let you off.

Dare I say it ... Boogie BEEBIES ...

I do agree though. Programmes for little kids should not have all this political crap in them. A kids job is to have fun not to worry about the fact that mum might give him an unhealthy meal once in a while or dad might put a glass jar in the bin rather than into recycling.

9:09 am  
Blogger Bag said...

I noticed the same thing. It is clearly propoganda but while they are funded by government they don't have to worry about any customers.

I have a cure for the meals and the glass jars.

1) Don't let them touch anything nice because it is bad for you. Feed them lentils until the day you need to call the ambulance because they almost gassed themselves in a sealed room. Then let them eat good stuff but it has to be a secret.

2) Get them to sort out the recycling. If they do it fine, keep loading them up. if not then tell them how bad they are and then get them to let you off but it's their bad. they are the bad ones you are covering for them.

That should fix it.

3:51 pm  
Blogger Lord Straf-Baghdad said...

That will become increasingly apparent as the months roll on.

6:46 pm  

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