Thursday, June 21, 2007

A formal reply to Mr Barroso...

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has urged Britain not to hold a referendum on any new treaty agreed at this week's EU summit.

Point one it has fuck all to do you Mr. El- Presidente, the thing is we brits kinda like things done by the book. Well the UK general Public does, that’s why if one of our Politicians are caught lying and cheating, they get the order of the boot!

He said it was up to the British people but he could not see why the country which exported democracy to the world would not respect its own Parliament.

Point two, Yeah we took democracy throughout the world, but unlike the democracy the EU practices, we don’t have to put up with fuckwit politicians who are only out to line their own pockets, mmm sounds just like you El-Presidente, you see once again, if the Political Parties do not do as we wish, we tell them to FUCK OFF, which surprisingly is something that we can NOT do with you, nor the unelected EU!! But let me explain further you half witted dago bastardos, do the math, 700 politicians, approx 40,000 police, about 4,000 soldiers still in UK, versus 30 million pissed off voters! Now you get the idea??? We have come to the end of our tether, with venal, corrupt, smarmy two faced lying bastard politicians, we have had enough.

Mr. Barroso warned Britain not to block progress towards a treaty.

If the Treaty is as everyone suspects just the renamed EU Constitution, then too right we are going to block it you thick cunt!

In an interview with the BBC, he said: "Sometimes I hear people saying that for Parliament to approve it would be by the back door.

Unfortunately, this is how you and the EU are getting your laws onto our statute books, because your issuing too many and they cannot all be checked, and when we do find one we don’t like it is forced through under “benefit of the community clause”, 408 I think is the actual clause.

"Britain is the country that exported Parliamentary democracy to the world. Do the British people consider Parliament the back door?

When it is European Laws that you have had no mandate from the people to enact, that we have had no comment on, or vote on, then yes it is through the back door! Parliament has had no debates about the majority of the laws foisted onto us by the EU. Nor can Parliament repeal any of the EU laws, unless we repeal the 1972 EEC act as well.

"Do the British people who killed their king to protect the rights of Parliament consider it the back door?

The king tried to do much the same as the EU is trying now, fancy seeing if we have the balls to execute you as well??

"Is that the respect some people show their Parliament, maybe the greatest Parliament in the world? I don't consider Parliament the back door."

No you wouldn’t because you don’t care about anything, apart from getting more and more of our money and sovereign powers! Remember respect is earned not given freely! Besides who could respect a load of crooks and frauds! Even your own accountants wont sign off on your accounts!

He added that leaders had to stand up to the sort of "ugly nationalism" that traded on "imaginary threats" like the idea the EU was becoming a superstate.

If the EU is not becoming a Superstate, why does it need all 27 member countries sovereign powers, why does it need so much control, why its own army, police force, judiciary, parliament buildings? Why does it want a foreign minister, its own flag, an EU President, the power to sign treaties and agreements with other countries? Why? Why, Why? Why can we not have our fishing grounds back, our territorial waters back? Why cant we control our own immigration?

Why does it pass laws, yet not include itself or its workers in those same laws?

Get out of my face you ugly twaty headed parrot faced wazzock!!!
The actual piece is here: BBC news

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