Sunday, May 06, 2007

Land of Racists?

Coming from a strong working class background, and still living in a predominantly working class neighbourhood. I have over the last few days seen and heard things that I thought I would never hear.

I have heard grannies, grandads, middle aged couples even youngsters only just reaching voting age, and they all say, that they have voted BNP. When asked why, the most common reply is: "this country is going to the dogs and if the politicians will not listen to me, then I will vote for BNP!" More and more I am hearing in the local pub, from usually polite, well mannered people, that they believe that this government is making them racist! They don't accept the fact that the BNP is a racist party, to their minds its normal English people trying to look after the English, and "anyway if they do get in it cant be worse than being ruled by English hating jock twats!"

That they are not being asked and that they are being forced to accept multiculturalism in all its many and varied guises, is changing peoples outlook, they are questioning what they receive for their support of this country. They read of new community buildings, that are being built for the use of the community, yet they are Mosques/Temples and so Non muslims cannot use them! They are seeing first hand that we as a nation are bending over backwards to accommodate a religion that advocates putting to death all non believers! They are seeing areas that are actually using Sharia laws over British Laws! They are finding out that they have less rights than the "Muslims" that the government is afraid to stand up to, and kow tows to any Muslim cry of "It's Racism"!


People are actually seeing first hand what this massive influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal are doing to both jobs and property values in their local area. Gone are the days when those less well educated could gain gainful employment flipping burgers in Burger King and McDonald's or even serving sandwiches in Subway.

All these low paying jobs are now being taken by even newer immigrants, Eastern Europeans, and having purchased a couple of Subway meals over the last week I can state that at least three of the staff in my local Subway are EU immigrants.

People are frustrated, worried and getting downright pissed off about it. They see in the news reports about Agencies recruiting staff from the EU, telling them how to claim benefits etc etc. That it may not be true does not enter their heads, what matters is how they think, how they view and rationalise what the MSM is telling them.

I am starting to wonder if the powers that be are doing it all in order to make us all racist!!


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