Monday, April 30, 2007

We pay to dump on our own land?

As far as I can tell, the land used for waste disposal in the UK, is land owned by the local councils. If this is so can someone please explain how we can have costs for dumping our rubbish in land our councils actually own?

Who decided these landfill taxes were to be levied? Where do the monies raised go to? More to the point which idiot in government agreed to it?

As far as I am able to ascertain, these landfill taxes originate from the EU, they benefit no-one other than the EU and their enlargement plans, and the monies raised are secretly going towards providing future members of the EU the ability to meet financial targets set to enable them to join said EU. An amount currently set at about 8 billion pounds, which means a lot more of our money going to aid future EU members Turkey, Albania and Serbia!

Can anyone see the sense in any of this at all, or have I gone stark raving mad?

Bins to be emptied fortnightly
I think that recycling is irrelevant to the bin emptying issue.

Our sensible politicians of the past, you know the ones with common sense and a sense of decency, worked out that in order to prevent diseases, rats and vermin etc etc, the bins would be emptied once a week. Nice easy and a concise decision, a simple issue with a simple solution.

The recycling bins provided do not need to be emptied weekly or fortnightly or even monthly, as there is no smell, no risk of vermin or disease. But our household waste, the non recyclable stuff, still remains the same, week in week out, it contains raw and cooked food remains, which putrify and smell, attracting vermin, flies etc, this does need to be removed weekly.

Ultimately the only advantage of fortnighly collections, is a small reduction in cost incurred by our local authorities, but they would like us to believe its all done to aid recycling.

Time to start dumping my waste on the councils doorstep methinks, (word to the wise, ensure no letters are in the rubbish) no names no pack drill!

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