Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shock Horror.. Motorists find a loophole and use it!

This post on the BBC magazine web site, makes for interesting reading.

In the paragraphs titled Location Location, whilst it says "For years the myth persisted that cameras were put up as a way to generate money rather than to make the roads safer.

Earlier this year the Department for Transport (DfT) tried to put this to bed. They revealed the requirements that cameras have to meet before they are installed. Principally, there have to have been three serious injuries at a camera site in a three-year period. In London it's even tougher with four injuries over the same period.
But does not state that the rules were changed on April 1st this year! To make it far easier for local councils to put cameras just where the hell they want to!

Whilst it toes the government line that "Speed Kills", it does however also question the validity of the governments own statistics. Providing a conflicting view of the statistics and the method by which the government arrive at its figures. Dr Linda Mountain has blown holes in the governments argument, which even though her conclusions were included in the recent report, it was as ever buried at the back, hidden away.

A persona I have not encountered before "Captain Gatso" is quoted as saying "he registered his car at a different address, allowing him to ignore any penalties incurred."

Kevin Delaney, the former head of the Met's traffic police, believes this is evidence of a wider problem that speed cameras can only catch people that are basically law abiding.

"Any form of remote detection such as speed cameras relies on the information supplied by the public. If that isn't correct, then remote detection immediately falls flat. You need traffic police to catch the problem drivers."

Which the majority of people would want, we want more police officers on the road, at least they can take into account traffic, road conditions which is more than a gatso camera can! Remote detection does not work! It doesn't stop drunk drivers, uninsured cars, dangerous drivers or even road rage, we need real policemen for that!

So basically, people have found that by registering their cars at a friend or relatives address, they can delay receipt of any impending speeding prosecutions, until after the 28 days the police have to notify you, thereby escaping prosecution.

There are easier ways, have information about the legality of NiP's (Notice of Intention to Prosecute) and how as they do not follow or comply with the PACE ( Police and Criminal Evidence) Act, a loophole has been found which can negate or cancel any proceedings.

People are no longer willing to sit by and let the powers that be just take away their livelihoods anymore, and people are starting to use civil disobedience to escape penalties!

All in all not a bad piece of journalism, well done to Mr Simon Cox.

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Blogger james higham said...

Of course speed cameras are revenue generators. Over here this is the only purpose of policing.

6:35 pm  

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