Thursday, March 08, 2007

Police over the top??

Well, we know how strong the women in Sheffield are now, it takes three Police officers to subdue one scrawny 20 year old woman.

Toni Comer was arrested after commiting criminal damage to a car outside a NightClub in Sheffield.

What surprises me after watching the footage, is the officers defence that she got her hands free and went for his genitals!

Having watched it I am struck by the fact that he hits her 5 times, but only after he has back up from two other officers, one of whom appears to be holding the young womans legs. Not forgetting that all of the Officers tower over the scrawny built woman!

Another thing is why not let us listen to the sound, the CCTV obviously has sound as the dog can be head barking. What was said, and at what point did the woman try to attack the officers genitals.

Coppers these days eh, limp wristed nancy boys. Poor bugger will never live it down, unable to subdue a girly

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