Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tony has an Idea.... More Laws !!!! .... yawn again?

When will Tony Blair actually start to learn, that new laws are not needed. All that is needed is a willingness to act on the laws we already have in place!

After the shameful killings of the past week, Teflon Tone, has again espoused the idea of, Yeah you guessed it more laws. Just for once Tony get your head outta your ass and let the Police use the laws that are in place! Get them away from their desks filling in governmental endless "target led" forms, that could perhaps be work for the plastic policemen that you have created.
Put Policemen out on the street, doing what they are supposed to be doing "protecting the public", solving crimes, and by that I mean real crimes, not handing out Fixed Penalty Notices to gobby teenagers!

"Mr Blair has told the BBC he is considering criminalising gang membership" Well coming from the leader of one of the biggest gangs, ie the Labour Party I think thats a bit rich! After all we all, and I do mean all belong to some sort of gang, albeit political or social. Members of the Squash Club/Sailing Club/Drama Group, are they not merely a civilized or grown up sort of gang, we as humans all like to belong to something. To be a part of something that we feel kinship with. Anyone over 35 who has had a normal childhood, will have been part of either the street gang, or a part of a gang in some form.

What is worrying is that the legislation when and if it comes, will be so ambiguous, that the societies and clubs that most law abiding people subscribe to will come under any new laws remit.

As has been said by many people more educated than my self, "Lawyers do not make good Laws". Indeed, Edmund Burke has pointed out that men skilled in legal technicalities are not in the habit of taking broad views in the making of a law. They look more to its letter than to its spirit.


Blogger Natt said...

Hi, I found your site through K's after following the post about your Dad (I'm really sorry for your loss, your speech was so beautifully written)

I just wanted to write a quick comment to say how refreshing your blog is. So many of your posts and topics just hit the nail on the head. This country is becoming so PC and full of ethnics that pretty soon we will be the minority, yet we are expected to bend to everyone else's rules. Jon Gaunt in the Sun wrote an apt thing about the signs being put up in Polish for drivers - give it ten years and a sign will have to be put up for the minority; the English. We are expected to change hundreds of years of heritage to accept everyone else - if you are white english hetersexual that works hard for a living, you arent allowed a view anymore for fear of being branded homophobic, racist, fatist, sexist. You also get no help from the government.

I'm really glad I took the time to read your blog - it is a breath of fresh air to read something so honest, and un PC!!


(p.s., love the teflon tone, esp. as not what you'd call a lover myself)

10:02 pm  

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