Monday, January 15, 2007

Global warming? or more bullshit!!!

Thanks to DK for the following link, I know its repeating what others have said, but the more of us that blog about it and actually keep forcing the issue to the fore here in blogland.... can only be good. This piece by Heartland Institute makes for interesting reading, as does the following piece by A VeryBritish Dude which speaks succinctly if not quite with the venom of Devils Kitchen.

But, anyway that we the poor downtrodden masses, can prove to the gobshite, smackheaded, hamfisted, two faced, humpty backed bastard politicians, that we are not stupid, as often as we can should eventually sink in to their retarded sub conscious brains.

Due wholly to new labour, I now have the mindset of unbeliever, by that I mean that anything I am told by any politician or governmental spokesperson, I Do Not Believe! Unless I can verify the information myself.


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