Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pay us £100,000 a year, say MPs

MPs are pressing for a pay increase to push their salaries to £100,000, an increase of 66%.
Backbenchers have written to the independent body that sets salaries seeking a rise from the current £60,277 to achieve parity with GPs and council chief executives.

Now as far as I can remember, GP's and even Councils Chiefs, work about 40 hours per week for approx 44 weeks of the year!

Money grabbing bastard waste of space, breath and time politicians work ( if you wish to call it that) for 160 days per fucking year!!!!! 160 divided by 7 days = 22 FUCKING WEEKS!!!

The money grabbing two faced humpty backed bastards, want to work for just over 22 weeks a year and get paid £100,000.oo not withstanding the absolute twats can claim up to £131,000.oo (The Average Allowance) in expenses, so they essentially want £200,000.oo for less than 6 months work!! What fucking planet are these creeps on!!!!

During its last review in 2004, the SSRB found that MPs earned about the same as junior directors of middle-sized companies, head teachers of middle-sized schools and departmental heads of local authorities or NHS trusts.

But in all cases mentioned above, the people concerned all work full time!!! NOT 22 bastard weeks per year!!!! I say No to MP's pay rise!!

Over the years we have been downgraded and compared to junior directors of middle-sized companies at the last review [in 2004] but, even so, we have failed to keep up. There is no point in having a review body that chooses comparators then doesn’t keep us up with them.”

Same reason you should'nt have a pay rise, as above they all work full time and have to contribute to thier own pension, something MP's do not have to do!!

He said it was not for MPs to decide what jobs were comparable but added: “Not that many years ago, we were on a par with GPs and heads of comprehensive schools. They are now on £100,000.”

The reason GP's are on £100,000 a year is cause the government couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery, and cocked up the negotiations, they were warned by GP's what would happen, but as ever the fuckwits decided they know best! ( See Dr Crippen for more details about Dr's pay)

That's why these fuckers are all so happy with Britain being in the EU. The MPs don't have to take any decisions, and yet still get to pocket vast amounts of our cash, from our taxes, the grasping, greedy, sponging, humpty backed bastards that they are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they should all be castrated and rogered with huge dildoes - and Jade Goody as well - serve em all right!

4:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still say what we need is sound military dictatorship.
I used to reckon Genl Sir Mike Jackson would do rather nicely but he was far to polite and subservient today.
I couldn't imagine him ordering in the Paras to Westminster and Downing Street.
But I love to contemplate someone doing it and bringing some rhyme and reason to our UK Governance.

9:09 pm  

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