Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More Taxes on the way!!!!

When I get in my 1600 horse powered car, I do not feel guilty, I do not think about the consequences of Global Warming. Not that I actually believe half of the scaremongering done by our current batch of intelligent ministers sorry I mean inefficient wasters.
I get in my car for the following reason; it saves me time and effort and saves me money. I use it in emergencies; I use it to go to the major supermarkets for food shopping. It is used to get my wife to and from her place of work. I use it for the bloody convenience!! Ultimately I use it because I have no other real choice!
To try and get “Public Transport” for each or all of my reasons for driving, would entail about two hours of waiting around in cold draughty bus shelters, paying what would be an extortionate fee for being treated like a third class citizen, in a monolith of a vehicle that usually belches more diesel fumes out than an antiquated Chieftain tank, or all three of John Prescott’s jag’s.
The government, and by government I mean those thieving tossers Bliar and Brown, tweedle dee and tweedle dum of the world politic, have said we as a nation need to reduce our carbon footprint, our carbon emissions that purportedly that add to Global Warming.
Notwithstanding the simple fact that our contribution to aforesaid Warming is a meagre 2% of the worlds output, the biggest polluters are in fact, China, India and the good old US of A.
Super Tony and his side kick Dullard Brown have decreed that we the population of the UK, should pay through the nose to clean up the world!

If we as a family go out in the evening, we leave a light on, so as to deter thieves and vandals, so it doesn’t look like the house is empty, now we are being told that leaving a light bulb on adds to global warming,,,,,, For Fuck’s Sake the only cure for that is to start locking up the thieves, and make the streets safer!
Tell you what why not make the prisoners sleep in the dark, why not turn off all the lights in any Govt and council building, why don’t the powers that be understand, that until they start leading by example, we as a nation of pissed off malcontents, who long to string Bliar and Brown up by their shrivelled impotent testicles, will refuse to believe anything and everything they tell us!


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