Friday, October 06, 2006

Binning the Chips or is it chipping the bins?

Having moved to Cheshire, from Lancashire, well Blackpool to be exact. I had no idea that in Blackpool, the council had "chipped" the bins.

To give a brief info/intro, Blackpool Council introduced about 2 years ago wheelie bins for all houses. Each home was given three bins with colour coded lids, one for household waste one for plastic and tin recyclables and one for paper.

We used to have weekly collections of rubbish and an additional fortnightly collection of recyclable rubbish. This changed as soon as the wheelies were introduced to one week household rubbish, the next week recyclable rubbish. So essentially the rubbish that cannot be recycled was reduced to fortnightly collections. Not withstanding the stench/smell of rotting food during the summer months.

In the area of Cheshire where I now live, the bins are collected once a week, and the rubbish is put out in black bin bags.

My two sons from my first marraige still live in the old home, as I have not sold it, more to do with the fact its their inheritance (unless Gordon Brown, thieveing bastard, decides otherwise) than a need for the money.

Then an article in the Daily Mail caught my eye, about bins being micro chipped!

Nah, didnt believe it after all why should someone decide it would be a good idea to chip a bin?
So on my next trip to Blackpool I looked at the bins, both the recucling bins had no chip, but yeah you've guessed it, the household rubbish bin actually had one!

Now this dont look much, its easily accessible, and easily removed with a scewdriver.

Inside is a small chip with World Tag written on it and the words "RFID-Logistic and Industrial Transportation".

Right, so I am shocked, not as yet overly concerned but definately shocked, and the biggest question on my mind is why? then what the fuck?

According to the press, who I hasten to add I have no great love for nor have I belief in 75% of the dross they write. These chips are there to help the councils to charge homeowners or residents for the waste they discard!

Now I aint Einstien, far from it, so why the fuck do the council want to charge again for something I already pay for in my council tax? Right I know as I no longer live in Blackpool, I no longer pay council tax there, but my sons do live there and do pay council tax.

I would like a few questions answered.

Who decided to spend my council tax money on these chips?
The chips have obvioulsy been with the bins since they were handed out two+ years ago, so why no mention of it before the Daily Mail blew the gaffe?

A quick call to the council elicited the following information.

If I remove the chip I am damaging council property!
If I remove the chip my bins will not be collected!
I could be prosecuted for tampering with the bins!

I answered, the bin is mine as I paid for it out of my council tax, no the lady said it belongs to the council, and I would be taken to court and fined for tampering with it.

Right Blackpool Borough Council,

1. Your property is on my land and as such is an inconvenience to me and my right to enjoy my property. Therefore I will charge you a daily rate for storage, equal to but not more than 4% or the council tax.
2. I already pay for the collection of the rubbish, and as such expect my rubbish to be collected or I shall see you in court for breach of contract!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr money grabbing Bastards!!!


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