Thursday, September 21, 2006

Care Home Fiasco

Most young people in local authority care are destined to end up in prison, homeless or working as prostitutes, a report by a think tank claims.
Of the 6,000 who leave care each year, 4,500 will have no qualifications and a fifth will be homeless, says the study by the Centre for Policy Studies.
Report author Harriet Sergeant said the system was failing young people and society and perpetuating an underclass.
The government admitted that more needs to be done despite recent improvements.
In 2005, 60,900 children were in care with most placed with foster parents or in children's homes.
Abusive childhood
The report - entitled Handle with Care: an investigation into the care system - showed most were in care due to abuse or neglect (62%), family dysfunction (10%), absent parents (8%), and socially unacceptable behaviour (3%).
It also found:
within two years of leaving care 3,000 of 6,000 young people will be unemployed
2,100 will be mothers or pregnant
1,200 will be homeless
nearly half of all young people leave care at 16 or 17
Ms Sergeant said a childhood of abuse followed by an adolescence spent in care sets up young people for all the disadvantages that define social exclusion: illiteracy, homelessness, drug and alcohol dependency, prostitution and criminality.

This is a damming reprt from people who have a tendancy to know more than most people about what is actually going on in our "Care Homes" for our children.

So lets get this right Tony Bliar and his cohorts, tell us as parents that the "State" knows best, and we have to bring our children up as per the governments guidelines! Yeah right but what the report doesnt mention is the amount of abuse suffered whilst the kids are in care!

What fucking planet is he on! Not content with fucking the country over Iraq, Peerages for sale, and just basically being a lying toady bastard who cant lay straight in bed!!!

The State Care homes for kids dont bloody work!!! Thats roughly 50% of all kids leave state run care homes end up at the bottom of the heap, right at the bottom and not much chance of getting any higher, we as a country should be ashamed.

We need to get rid of Bliar and his spin mongers NOW!!!!!


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