Monday, June 19, 2006

Bliar Talks Football

Sorry for the Pun its obviously Tony Blair,, and he has appeared on BBC Five Live phone in about the World Cup.

Now what suprises me is he will not face any of the Political Pundits (John Humphries to name one) and answer questions, yet he can appear on a talk-in show about football.

With the Home Office "Not fit for purpose", the 1023 missing criminal/deportee's, the overspend on NHS computers by 620 million pounds, migration Watch stating that the 350,000 Illegal Immigrants is more likely to be 750,000, the possibility of same Immigrants being offered amnesty!! The London shooting of an unarmed man whilst raiding his home.... mind you Police and guns... a sure fire laxative,,,, most of them couldnt find their own asses....but I digress.... Why wont Tony answer real questions?

Apart from the Iraqi War, this governments lies and spin. He should also be asked questions about a comment he made in 1997, when he stated he remembered watching Jackie Milburn playing for newcastle , in seats behind the goal. I have it on good authority, that seats behind goal didnt come in till 1992, at the time of J Milburns appearance for Newcastle, Mr Blair was living in Australia, and would have been about 4 years old???

Any way Tony get your arse into gear, stop trying to be "Blokish", and get the mess you and your government made cleared up.... Or better yet, resign you pathetic GIT!!!


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