Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Idiots are winning

Well thank god for Blogs is all I can say!!

Well the Numpty Backed cowards have done it they voted YES for ID Cards.

Another harebrained scheme that will run over budget, will not work, and will cost Billions of OUR money!!!

The Lords, whom tony blair tried to get rid of, (cause he believed they were archaic and out of step with real people) have proved their reason for existence! They have tried to curtail the Idiocy of the government, by trying to insert safeguards, Cards were not to be compulsory without a further act of parliament, they could not go ahead without costings, etc

All done in an attempt to protect us from Mr B liar. Well done your lordships.

Some of the reasons for having ID Cards:

Stop Illegal Immigrants….......

How? They get job’s now in the Black economy. Most illegal Immigrants work in Indian or Chinese take aways! Or sweat shops run by their legal countrymen!

Stop ID Theft…..

Most ID Theft, is just plain fraud, no one actually becomes You, they just use your details, usually from mail from an old Address and losing your ID will make it even easier for them!

Stop Terrorists….

The terrorists on 9/11 had valid passports and visa’s for the US, had they come to the UK we would have allowed them entry. The terrorists on 7/7 were British born and bred, an ID card wouldn’t and couldn’t have stopped them!

Stop Benefit Fraud….

If you check up most benefit fraud is actually caused by people understating what money they have, or working and claiming. People who make multiple claims make up about 0.02% of Benefit Fraud cases.

I have nothing to hide….

OK so how about having camera’s in your house including the bathroom and bedrooms linked to a police monitoring station, Still got nothing to hide? Because if you did that to everyone, then you truly would defeat crime!

It will deter criminals….

Criminals' habitually break the law, they will simply ignore or find A way to forge the ID Cards!

The Information will be safe

How safe will the Data be? Every part of the government, both ours and the USA’s has been hacked or brought to it’s knees by computer whiz kids. Or will the government simply sell it as the DVLA has done?

Why do they NEED all this information...... because information is power, and they want all the power. Gone are the days when being a Politician meant you had made your money and were doing it to put a little back into society. Now they are all proffesional politicians, out to rob everyone and line their own pockets!

Snippets of info....

In the 1990’s the Government of the day decided, that there was too much Gun crime and banned law abiding people from owning guns and rifles. In the years since what has happened? Gun crime is now endemic, so much so the Police Chiefs want their men to be armed.

The Computer systems bought by our illustrious government have never worked! Any government department computer is out of date before it is ordered and cannot do what it is supposed to be needed for. CSA, Tax, Benefits Agency, DVLC etc etc etc.

Its not us say the Government, its Brussels’, its part of the requirement of being in the EU. Bullshit, they go cap in hand to the EU say this is what we want, yes you read right, they asked for it, then they say its nothing to do with us. Lying thieving bastards each and everyone of them!!!

We in the UK have:

More speed cameras than any where in the world!
More CCTV cameras than anywhere in the world!
More Number plate recognition cameras than anywhere in the world!

If you bank more than £500.00 cash into your account, the tax office and the Police are notified by your bank!
Your Internet usage is monitored and saved for the government and police to peruse at their leisure.

The horrible thing is, once they have given themselves these powers, they do not ever give them up!!!

We are losing our freedom! As well as our right to privacy and anonymity!

So if I am lying or scaremongering, come on tony meet me and a few of my friends, instead of the “spin” meetings with “normal voters” you always prefer. Answer real questions by people who will not let you prevaricate and simply not answer, who will call you a liar to your face!

But you dare not!!

I have no intention of having an ID card, and when my passport runs out and they try and force me to get a biometric one I will take the only option available, tell them to FUCK OFF!!!!!


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