Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tax Man Cometh again

Is it only me or is everyone getting fed up of the "Tax Man's" theft of our hard earned monies?

We pay Income Tax, National Insurance, Tax on Insurances, On goods we buy, VAT and when our loved ones die, we pay inheritance tax.

To cap it all Messers Blair and Brown, the gruesome twosome, wish to tax land sold for development.

Is there nothing they wont tax? For a party that came to power, extolling their plegde not to raise our taxes, oops they're doing it again.

Now I do not own Land, and have no plans to do so.

But I do wish the Governemnt would actually do something for the monies we pay, whats that they do I hear you cry?

well actually they don't, Governments only waste monies, especially this one.

NHS computers.... Down the pan cvant get them to work..
DSS or as it is now DWP ... Computers... dont work....
MOD... ill equipped... squaddies having to buy their own kit...
Pensions.... A black hole 5 Billion Pounds poorer... mmm didnt Brown take 5 billion of the pensions money???

The list goes on and on....
60% were against the Iraq War.... guess what we went to war...
WMD.... the case for going to war... MMM they're still looking...
CSA... Targets and penalises those willing to pay... Yet cannot catch those that don't...
DVLC... Giving names and addresses of vehicle owners to private companies... what happened to data protection Act???

EU.... 62% of the working classes dont actually want to be in it... so why wont they listen??
EU.... 90% of People believe it is corrupt... So why are we in it?

EU.... 72% of people think its a rip off for us Brits...

EU.... 78 % of people think its a gravy train for "has been" polititians... Neil Kinnock springs to mind as does Chris Patten and Mandleson

WE Need to get rid of Bliar and his lying thieving party!!!!


Blogger caz said...

well what can I say nowt really but the rich get richer and the poor get poorer always has been always will be.

4:11 pm  

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