Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Big Mouth and No Trousers

Well where to start, I have had this blog for a couple of weeks. This is my inaugural blog and hopefully it is a way for me to get stuff off my mind, without taking it out on the Missus... (Sorry Karen babe, you know I love you xx)

I recently resigned as League Secretary of a Pool League, during my tenure, I believe I had helped the League progress, and enabled a firmer foundation for the future. A wee bit altruistic but what the hell, its my Blog .. lol..

As I had come to that decision, the Treasurer resigned as well, which left me in a quandary, do I resign and leave the League in the proverbial mire, or continue and hope for someone just as competent to take over.

My Oh My how I wish I had resigned right at the start, the Gentleman who replaced the Treasurer, was/is an ex committee man, who is loud and brash, no people skills and certainly was not at the front of the queue when the brains were handed out.

I admit I did try for a couple weeks to put aside my feelings, and tried to work with him, all to no avail. So the resignation went in, was duly accepted and I thought whoo hoo a bit of freedom!!

But no, the amount of abusive phone calls, e mails and nasty text's I have had from the New Treasurer, is tantermount to harassment, and all over some "League Property" which is basically some Results cards, I have been threatened with the Police, Courts everything barring being Tarred and feathered.

Some people have no idea how to behave, be polite or learn how to assess the situation, the New Treasurer is this type of person...............

We await developments........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like a right toss-pot! You sound as if you're better off out of it.

9:37 pm  

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