Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All Hallow's Eve

Well folks nothing much to report, my Jack Russell Terrier went missing during the middle of last week. Thankfully he turned up alive and well, my eldest son had tacked him down. Makes you wonder if any of the Dog Wardens or shelters etc actually write your contact numbers down, as my son had to do all the ringing around himself.

Karen came over to Blackpool for the weekend, and on my arrival back in Blackpool it was really great to be greeted affectionately by the dog, who has also taken a liking to Karen (Well who wouldn't lol...)

At the moment all these late night are taking their toll of both myself and Karen, as apart from the phone, (MSN is king in both houses)we are both starting to get some early nights in, although its hard being apart.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad your dog ok

5:52 pm  

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