Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year

Hello, and welcome to my first blog of the New Year,

I wouldn’t really class my self as political, nor am I overtly zealous in the following of politics or political doings. However this year is set to change, I have decided to aim my often spurious rants, towards those who deem themselves to know what is good for us.

I seldom believe the “Conspiracy Theorists” but do pay attention to their meanderings, as they occasionally do have a snippet of truth in them.

So remember you heard it here second or possibly third hand!!!!


You can now be arrested for anything!

In the past a Police officer, had to ascertain that a crime had been committed, and that the penalty for that crime had to be five years imprisonment before he could arrest you! Now that came as news for me, as I thought that Public order offences or P4 or P5’s as they are now known (and usually entail a small fine) they are the old breach of the peace offences. Wereby if an Officer wished to move you along he could arrest you under the P4 and P5 sections. Usually used to give you time to cool down or to enable the Officer to get you out of the area, to defuse the situation. Also give him an excuse to return to the nick, for a brew and or to get warm.
So now included in the arrestable offences, are littering, refusing to give name and address to an Officer. Please remember I do not think that they have made everything arrestable just so as to get everyone on the DNA data base, as that would be to much to believe……. Or would it????


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