Sunday, November 12, 2006

A follow on....

Following on from yesterdays rant, we see that the knives are out for free speech once again.

I will reiterate, I do not support the BNP, nor their policies, but what I wont have is anyone questioning free speech! Any person going to a BNP rally must really have a great idea about the subject matter, so would not be surprised by comments, however distasteful a more moderate person would find them.

All the usual idiots from government have crept out of their self flaggelation dungeons, to add comments about the result of the trial of the BNP leaders.

Lord Falconer said the government had to show young Muslims that Britain was not anti-Islamic, adding there should be "consequences" from saying Islam is "wicked and evil".

Now Im sorry but as far as I am aware it does state in the Koran, that all unbelievers or those not willing to convert, at the point of a sword! should be put to death by the sword! In my book that is pretty dispicable if not downright fucking wicked and evil! So Lord Falconer, try reading a little about the subject so that you dont appear more of a prick than we already know you are. Any religion that kills anyone that doesnt join, has serious issues, and should be fucking banned! Never mind worrying or trying to ensure they are not offended!

Last month Lord Ahmed said there was "a constant theme of demonisation of the Muslim community".
He accused politicians and journalists of jumping on a bandwagon because "it is fashionable these days to have a go at the Muslims".

No its not fashionable to have a go at muslims, its just basic self defence, everytime these ragheads read a comment or believe they have been slighted, out comes the flag burning brigade to demand that who ever said or did anything against their precious religion be hung, burnt at the stake or just plain spit roasted, for the enjoyment of the Islamic community!

Chancellor Lord Falconer said Muslims had been offended by Mr Griffin's remarks and must be sure that the law would protect them.

Well fuck me twice round the block with a frozen mars bar, Ive been offended by everything this poxy puss ridden government has done and said, so does that mean I can get protection? Get a fucking life guys, ignore the stupidity of a religion that professess to be peaceful and kind, yet still advocates putting unbelievers to the sword.

If they want religious freedom, fine we dont really care about allah or mohammed, we are not fucking interested, but to go running to head of the gestapo (John Read) everytime you believe someone has made an adverse comment about allah, is a bit "running to teacher"playground stuff, I mean if this allah is so fucking great surely he is big enough to defend his or her self.

Every other religion has it detractors, non believers and different factions yet they dont go running to teacher everytime someone says god is dead or doesnt exist. Its about time the ragheads grew up!


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