Monday, November 06, 2006

The Result is In Saddam guilty!!!

Well surprise surprise, to quote Cilla,,,

The verdicts in and Saddam was found guilty and sentenced to hang.

Whether he will be allowed to appeal or not is unsure as yet.

I believe this trial is/was so wrong!!!

When Saddam 1st came to power it was with the approval of both UK and USA's governments, they used him during the 1980's, to sow discord throughout the Middle East, the war with Iran etc! They and we even supplied him with weapons and the means to make some of the poison gases, mustard gas etc.

Ultimately both the UK and USA went to war against Saddam and the people of Iraq, against the advice and wishes of the rest of the world. We illegally invade a sovereign country, decimated its infrastructure and cold bloodedly murdered over 600,000 Iraqi civilians!

As I stated in an earlier post, I did not think that Saddam would get a fair trial.

The evidence against him was hearsay and conjecture. The trial was a means towards an end, G W Bush's revenge for his father’s embarrassment!

But what of the future for Iraq itself, can it recover? Can the puppet government installed by the US and UK really hold it together? Would Saddams death only serve to make him a martyr to the Arab/Muslim cause? Will it enrage the Middle Eastern countries enough to fuel another fresh recruitment drive towards the terrorist groups? Will it cause never ending hostilities between the west and the Middle East? As I recall they have bloody long memories!!!

But in the interest of justice, when are Bush and Blair going to be held accountable for their actions? For their Bare faces lies to both governments and peoples of the UK and US?

We in the western world have rid our selves of the death penalty, yet we are to allow the puppet government of Iraq to kill Saddam, it just doesn’t make sense. Unless the USA and UK need to ensure his silence about their dealings with him and his regime!

I really do believe this one really stinks and sticks in the throat!


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