Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just who the FUCK do NuLabour think they are!!

Now this maybe an over reaction from me>>> but read this

Now just who the fuck does this idiot think he is, and from which planet!

Now it wasn't the headliner statement that got me, it was "He also announced that homeowners could be evicted over persistent anti-social behaviour, such as excessive noise or the intimidation of neighbours."
Mr Reid promised to put "victims' needs first" by imposing "clear and tough" punishments on offenders.

MMMM lets see..... I buy a house.... then some fucking self serving vibrator widened twat faced do gooder decides I have offended the southern bulldogged face battleaxe heathen bitch from hell living next door, because I shouted at her dog for shitting on my lawn..... and they want to evict me!!!!

GET TO FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reid I am coming to kill you, you are a sanctimonious self righteous prick of the highest order, and as such I have decided that you shall be run over by me, and to make it really really fair, you can have a head start of 100 yards... and both your fucking feet nailed to the floor (for a better grip you understand)..... and in case your upset dear reader of the scots cunt getting his all on his lonesome ... yeah your right.... in a long line stretching far out behind him will be the senior civil servants rogering each other as usual... I shall try and kill as many as possible until the mass of dead bodies causes the car to stall..... great idea for a game show I reckon..

On a serious note... not that the above ranting wasn't in all seriousness...

Lets find out where these cunts live, get their neighbours to complain about police presence, bringing down the area, skulking men etc... media attention, get asbos on the fuckers with loads of hearsay evidence, backed with a statment from the local drug dealer about how he is being denied his "Yuman rite" to ply his trade and cant because of all the coppers and get every politician evicted!!

See how long your brain dead ideas work then John me old squashed fucker.... (well he will be soon )

Reid is the cunt of the moment!


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