Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More EU Bullshit!!!

"A Polish referendum on the euro risks a repeat of the French and Dutch no votes that sank the EU constitution in 2005, Brussels has warned Warsaw.(...)

"Given the recent experience in France and the Netherlands concerning referendums, we would not advise anyone to organise one," said a commission official."

So let me get this straight...... the EU is saying that because they have had the general populations voting against the EU constitution, that to ensure they (the EU) do not get any other No votes, that a referendum is not necessary.

If this is so, then it makes a mockery of the EU being supposedly what the people want. As others certainly more educated and knowledgable than me have commented before, this is bullshit in the worst sense of the word, it means the EU is looking after the EU, they are not concerned with the peoples of member states. Just so long as they have access to our monies and our sovereign rights, they just do not care about us at all.

Just how long are we in the UK going to allow our politicians to lie and sell us into EU slavery, just so they can feed from both troughs. Enough is enough !!!


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