Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Couple of Things that happened at the Year End...

Saddam Hanged.

Well with the USA's backing the puppet Government of Iraq hanged Saddam Hussein. Whilst I accept freely that this bloke was far from innocent, what I cannot condone is the barbaric and hasty way he was "done away" with. Not withstanding that his demise left unanswered questions with regard to the UK and USA's involvement in keeping him in power and providing many of his weapons. Questions I am sure that Bush and Blair are glad cannot now be asked.

I believe that Saddam really had no chance of a fair trial, it was a forgone conclusion, and was not justice in any way shape or form!

The furore has since errupted after film taken by a mobile phone, shows the execution of Saddam, not to be as civilised as first appeared on the "Official released version" which was without sound, after viewing the mobile phone version, no wonder they left off the sound, as the guards can be heard plainly taunting and laughing. As ever pay peanuts and you employ monkeys!

Migrants Benefit to UK of 4 pence, per person.

The story shown here seems to contradict what the Politicians have been telling us normal folks!

Now I can see problems with immigration without being an expert in it. Loads of people coming in, housing shortages, school places, NHS costs rising, additional drain on community services etc etc etc!
This is without pointing out, the fiasco with regards to driving down wages, local workers being replaced by migrants in Doncaster and other areas, are we sure this is what our politicians are permitting or is it all the fault of the EU?


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