Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gay Rights Law....

Right, first off lets get it out of the way, I am not homophobic, I do not hate, loathe or believe I personally discriminate against gays.

However I do believe that each and every person has a right of choice.

If someone finds gays distasteful or offensive, then that is their chosen attitude, its up to them, as long as they do them physically no harm. I do not have a problem with anyones attitude to gays.

I do believe that government cannot legislate against thoughts, ideas, tastes, chosen lifestyles or belief. Each individual must make his or her own mind up, on each and every aspect of their beliefs, and I think that as long as they "do no harm", then they should not be castigated or berated for their beliefs.

The government has brought in legislation about anti discrimination which states "The Equality Act, due to come into effect in England, Wales and Scotland in April, outlaws discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services on the basis of sexual orientation. "

Which to me is wrong, to positively discriminate is still to discriminate against the majority, who are heterosexuals!

The headlines on BBC news is all about how the Catholic Church has not been granted exemption from the Legislation which would effectively force the Church to allow gays to adopt via their agencies. They have instead been given 21 months to adhere to the new legislation.

It has been mentioned in the news and in the tabloids how great these Church Adoption Agencies really are, that they can place unbalanced, disabled, seriously ill and traumatised children within families, children that often no-one wants, when the state agencies are unable to do so. It has also been said that these Church Agencies do a better job (which does not surprise me) for no real cost to the state. The Church via Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor has said, that at the moment any gay couples applying to the Church are referred to other adoption agencies, indeed this was one of (Catholic and member of Opus Dei), MP Ruth Kelly's compromise suggestions.

So what was wrong with the staus quo remaining as it is? If its not broke don't fix it. Gays apply to church, told not suitable, referred to other agencies, everyone wins. ( But why would they apply knowing they would be turned down? Unless to force the issue)

See I have a problem, are not "gays" just another minority group trying to impose their "will" on the majority, are they not the ones who scream loudest about their rights?

Well as a white, English, heterosexual male, I believe I too have rights!

I own my own home, if I chose not to have gay people in my home, then that is my choice!

If I owned a guest house, again it would be my choice as to whether I allowed gays to stay in my rooms. Sorry but no amount of legislation would induce me to change my mind. I would have to face the possibility of refusing custom and thereby losing money, and accept the consequences of my actions by possibly being blacklisted by the gay community! But that would be my choice, not the governments nor the gay rights activists.

I believe that I, along with the majority of people in the UK, are generally tolerant of everyone, and I firmly believe that everyone has the right to respect, and to live their life according to their own tenets. You do and always will get people who can and do abuse other people, but I believe they are on the whole few and far between. Not since the 70's has there been "gay bashing" in the same way there is less "paki bashing", the climate has changed these things are now not acceptable, society has made them unacceptable, not ill considered and knee jerk legislation.

If I offend people, it is upto them to enter into debate and try and change my mind, not for the government to legislate as to what and how I think or behave.

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