Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is Teflon Tone a war Criminal?

In yesterdays Daily Express, Macer Hall the Political Editor, made the statement "To Call Tony Blair a War Criminal Is Just Going To Far".

He goes on to say that the program "The Trail of Tony Blair" makes a deadly serious and highly dangerous point: it brands the Prime Minister of this country a war criminal.

Unfortunately for Macer, that is exactly what tony bliar is! He lied about weapons of mass destruction! He lied and said we were 45 minutes from attack! He misled parliament in order to take us into a illegal war with the USA against Iraq! Now a few years later and still no WMD's, he still refuses to accept he was wrong!

He goes on to say, "if the PM is a war criminal what does this say about the electorate who voted for him"?

Well you only have to make note of the amount of people who voted, roughly 25% of the electorate, about one quarter of people able, actually voted. More people in England voted for the Conservatives than for Labour, what swung the election was the Scottish Vote. So the minority are ruling the majority.

Macer goes on to say " Real tyrants are hussein, Milosevic or the Nazi High Command. They are dictators who have waged military campaigns dedicated to mass slaughter - through bombing, gassing and blitzkrieg - purely to bolster their own rule or realise warped ambitions of conquest.

Which also neatly fits the actions of Tony Blair and George Bush, the American and British military attacks were designed to "blitzkrieg" the Iraqi's into submission and surrender, the bombing lead to countless hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi's deaths, even with supposed pinpoint accuracy. Purely to bolster the warped ambitions of Americas need for Oil, a view now accepted by the American Press.

He goes on to say "To compare Bliar to such tyrants is a gross misunderstanding of history. It also shows a lack of grasp of international law.

Would this be the law that as part of the United Nations means we have to have a mandate from the UN to go to war? Does not History teach us that power corrupts? Has Bliar not shown like Hitler in Germany, his need to control the masses, his need to legislate to the Nth degree, his requirement that all need ID Cards? Data bases of the whole population imposed by stealth until no human rights were left. Is this not the way that Tony Bliar and new labour are heading. Is he not following in both Hitler and Stalin's footsteps? Indeed one could go so far as to say that our membership of the EU which Bliar supports fully, is pandering to Hitlers greatest aim of a United States of Europe?


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