Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vail trouble again....

Well its happening again, not content with having a pop at the people who sacked her, for refusing to remove her Vail. Taking them to an Industrial Tribunal, and losing! She, as this story shows, is trying it again.

Then the Islamic Community wonder why the "normal non Islamic folks" really believe that the Islamic community are taking the piss.

Is it to much to ask that this stupid bint gets the message, you want to work, get rid of the fucking Vail! I mean you didn't wear it at the interview, as you knew full well, that to have worn it, you would have faced questions about it. So you in order to avoid potentially difficult questions about the wearing of the Vail in classrooms causing problems, you cheated. You lied by not wearing it at the interview, thereby getting the employment by deception and under false pretences.

It would not have been racial discrimination for the governors nor the head of the school to have refused to employ you because of the Vail, because they would have had to be 100% sure all the children could hear you effectively! You didn't give them a chance to ask, you cheated and lied, therefore you quite rightly lost your job.

That you then played the race card, in order not to get your job back, but to penalise the school and education authority, this is frankly just spiteful, petty and vindictive. As with many of your brethren, you all seem to feel that we the English should pay due deference and reverence to your religions tenets, that assumption is wrong, we merely have to respect your beliefs, we do not have to kowtow to any religion. If you feel your religion is being slighted in any way shape or form, then the answer is really quite simple, find a country that is an Islamic country and fucking well move there!!

But as both I and you know, you will not do this, as the treatment of women in 90% of all Islamic countries is certainly less tolerant and certainly tends to be more extreme than here the UK.

The be and end all of this is that if your "god" really wanted you to wear a Vail, surely you would have been born with one, as he ( or she, after all god maybe female) didn't, this would lead me to conclude that the Vail is personal choice, maybe with a little persuasion from your male family members, but still personal, not religious in anyway, shape or form.

So as I see it you have two choices, stop wearing the fucking thing, or move to a country that tolerates the wearing of a Vail!


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