Wednesday, March 07, 2007

EU Flag to Fly over UK buildings???

Right, the Yanks, for all their worldwide experience of wars and how to lose them, have a way of portraying their history. Officially in US History books World War II started in 1941, that's when they decided to join in, and in their words it wasn't a proper war till they joined.

The Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957, we (the UK) were not signatories to this Treaty, cause just having beaten Germany, and being basically bankrupted by the debt to the USA , Land Lease, war loans etc, etc, to pay for the War, we were having a bit of trouble financially. Plus we were actually fed up of bailing the bastards in Europe out!

So anyway this year is the 50th Anniversary of the treaty of Rome, when the EU is going to celebrate the signing of the treaty and for keeping Europe peace free during the last 50 years??? Sorry I thought that was NATO, or have I missed something, Aah, I get it, I forgot this is much like the USA. The EU writes his own version of history, hoping that the normal and certainly unwilling public it dictates to, have little or no recollection.

Now the sneaky little bastards in power are trying to make it mandatory to fly the EU Flag alongside the Union Flag on public buildings. There is a problem with this, at the moment as it stands, the EU is not a country or a state, therefore to Fly the EU flag would be an outdoor advertisement, and as such require planning permission.

Speaking about the bill currently passing through parliament, Mr. Neil Herron, Speakout Campaigner said "It seems strange to me that we have to fight to fly our National Flag and the flag of our Patron Saint even on just one day of the year, yet sneaking through Parliament is a Bill which will give the flag of a highly contentious political project equal status to the flag that 1.25million in two World Wars laid down their lives for, and our troops continue to do so in Iraq and Afghanistan.”
“The British public is fed up to the back teeth of the continuous attempts to give extra credence to the EU and the all pervasive EU symbolism ... on passports, car registration plates, driving licences and now this outrageous attempt to give the EU Flag status equivalent to that of our own Union Flag. I for one will be deeply offended if this alien flag is flown over our Council or other buildings."

I second this statement we need the EU Flag as much as we need a chocolate fireguard, and lets be honest, the chocolate fireguard would be just as useful as the EU Flag, or the EU as a whole!

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Not too bad, a little over stated and prone to ramble, but not too bad...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

jet yourself a real life, man.

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