Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No Smoking in Church!!

On 1st of July, the No Smoking ban comes into effect, on that day you can no longer smoke in public buildings. To make sure you know you cannot smoke the Fuckwits that be have decreed that mandatory signs are placed all over public buildings. Now I reckon one of teflon tone's mates own one of these sign manufacturing companies, but that is as they say by the by.

In 100% of churches as far as I am aware, people don't smoke, call it respect, call it what you like, they just don't do it.

So why oh why do churches have to put up signs? (and failure to do so results in them being fined) sorry I just do not get it.

Apparently someone from the Department of Health was quoted in the tabloids as saying "Prominent signs will be required for each entrance. The design of the signs Can be flexible and designed to match surroundings!"

What the fuck are our Churches and Museums, Art Galleries etc going to look like with all the stupid "No Smoking" signs plastered all over them?

It's just more control freakery from the stupid fuckwit blair and his nazi henchmen!! All the signs should be grouped together and forced up every NuLabour politicians arsehole!

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