Friday, February 23, 2007

UKIP get my vote!!

Since I can remember, almost it seems since time immemorial, each major political party has been slighted by the other for financial wrongdoing. If it's not the Tories having a go a Labour, it's Labour having a go at the Tories, and the poor man relations, Lib Dem's doing nothing. Well apart from good old Ginger Minger Kennedy, who was outed for being a piss head, which is just about as bad as the Lib Dem's get!

Anyway over the last few months, more so after the Cash for Peerages fiasco, I have become like thousands of others disillusioned with mainstream politics, they are all the bloody same. The are all so alike at times it hard to know the difference. So being an inquisitive type of bloke, (okay Karen, yeah I admit it I'm a nosey B'stard) I started doing some research, looking around the Internet, trying to find out why all the parties were so alike.

From the Labour Party website, to the Tories and on to the poor old relations the Lib Dem's, I looked and read, and surprisingly found no bloody answers, to be honest I thought it was all some sort of conspiracy, they were all hiding something, nothing seemed as open as it should have been. You know the feeling, your at a family do, wedding etc, your brothers trying to get into the bridesmaids knickers, your uncles pished as a fart showing his willy off etc etc, and as you walk to the bar, you can see the topic change as you get nearer, and some sixth sense tells you, you've been the topic of conversation. Well either you, your spouse or the kids etc etc. Well that's the sort of feeling I got, something not quite right.

Well I remembered vaguely about Kilroy Silk, and that he had joined UKIP, other than that they didn't want the pound abolished, I had not a clue about them, who the politicians were, their aims etc etc. In fact if I am honest I probably felt like you did and still do, that they were the lunatic fringe, the always good for a laugh Monster Raving Loony type Party. I had swallowed the other parties line that they weren't worth considering, so I had a look.

Now the UKIP website is actually crap, really it is biggest loada bollocks since I don't know when, ffs even I could design something better. It's just not attractive enough, and the purple and yellow colours, YUK!!! But what the hell each to his/her own, so as the colours put me off, (I know childish or what, but some colours just leave me dead) I didn't read anything, I just though crap site, crap party, instant decision, you get the idea.

So here I am drifting along the Internet, flicking from page to page, hoping something will catch my eye, and I found this guy Devils Kitchen, please be advised as they do with music Cd's, his site has Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Boy the way this guy can swear!!! and yet be at times be so funny with it.

Nothing is beneath his "fisking", and he takes people and their opinions apart piece by piece, especially MSM (Main Stream Media) Newspaper journalists who don't check their facts, and think people will swallow any bull they come up with. He is just as respectful towards our dearest politicians, who we know only look after our best interests! and are as we all know are as honest as the day is long. (Yeah I know I don't do sarcasm very well) PLease just go and read his site, look at the Polly Toynbee posts to get an idea of what I mean.

So I found DK, and he led me to others, and I found a world of hidden politics, a world of people with different ideas and agendas, different political leanings but who were all commited to telling the truth, something the MSM does no longer appear to do!

I know reading back on what I have posted so far, it seems to be an advert for DK, but I do not agree with all that he says, but about the EU he has me convinced! He tells it as it is, no holds barred no punches pulled, and as with others in the blogosphere, anyone can comment on his site, can argue the toss, put your own point over, and again as with others he will engage and explain, and if doesn't know the answer he will find out who does.

After finding out the truth, and reading other peoples sites, other peoples ideas, I have come to the conclusion that UKIP get my vote!

For as DK has eloquently put it "in this post" we do not actually need the EU as much as it needs us!


Blogger haddock said...

welcome aboard ! a lot of people are coming to the same conclusion.
Blogging is becoming like the old hustings and soapbox orators.... Blair will ban it soon so enjoy your freedom while you have it.

9:01 pm  
Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

Cheers for the plug! I'm glad that you enjoy my witterings: I try to both infrom and entertain...

Besides, I'm absolutely raging and it's cathartic!


2:56 pm  

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