Monday, May 28, 2007

Alcohol Health Warnings

They have the smokers where they want them, so now they are starting on the drinkers.

Alcoholic drinks will carry new health warning labels by the end of 2008 under a voluntary agreement between ministers and the drinks industry.

The proposed warning labels will include the amount of units each drink contains and words such as "know your limits" or "drink responsibly".

What utter utter hogwash, I would love to meet up with one of the pricks that come up with these brainwaves, and shake them warmly and aggressively by the throat!

I am an adult, I pay my taxes, run my home and finances far more effectively than the government can run the country. What I drink, how much and when is my affair, nothing at all to do with anyone else. I do not need nannying by a government that couldn't find its arse with both hands and a route map!

I rather think that the youth, who I believe the scheme is aimed at will not heed the warnings, they will use the information to get smashed/pissed quicker and cheaper.

Now just because Messrs Brown and Blair the chuckleless brothers and their dollybirds (gags at the thought)Hewitt and Jowell, and the assorted do gooders can't handle a drink without losing control, they believe everybody is the same. What they fail to realise is a succession of governments have stolen, thieved, lied and basically shafted everyone over the last 250 years! Leaving little else to do to relieve the sheer monotony of being controlled by the freaks in government!

Better to have us pissed than smashing down the doors and killing the fuckwits in their beds! They should leave well enough alone.

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