Monday, June 18, 2007

Protecting the People?

Now lets say, we trust our Councils, okay,....... okay, in reality I know we don't, but lets just pretend for a moment.... ready???

If a council discovered that underneath the town, there were massive and potentially dangerous amounts of Methane gas, locked in old coal mines, logic would surely dictate that something be done. People would be warned, police and fire crews notified, ambulances etc etc. Something one would think would be done to alleviate the threat, the council would actively do something! You think they would wouldn't you?

You would be wrong! The Express tells more!

Now doesn't that leave a nice warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach, or maybe just a blazing sense of disbelief!!!

What takes the biscuit is this comment from a spokesman for the council, talk about a fuckwit of the 1st order.... “If we go around telling people they live in a high-risk area they will panic and we have a duty not to blight house prices.” The bloke needs shooting! You have a duty to protect the citizens and residents of your town you stupid fuck!!! You know the ones who pay your wages!!!

Remind me never to buy a house in this town!!!!........

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