Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Boozing at Home part 2......

The Times has the latest proposals from our sad, tired, neglected, work shy and corrupt government.

Personally I like the odd pint or two with the lads on a Friday night, nothing to heavy, a chance to put the world to rights, have a moan, even discuss politics and occasionally women! etc etc.

Now the Royal College of Physicians have commented on the fact that we as a nation are supposedly drinking too much at home.

Not content with the just the Royal College of Physicians, now the BMA are butting in, the esteemed Vivienne Nathanson, the head of science and ethics at the BMA, has said "It is not the nanny state. It is about informed choices. It is hard for the average person to work out how many units are in a drink these days. Glasses of wine are much larger than they used to be and many beers and wines are much stronger”.

My my, what a patronising windbag! So it is hard for the average person to work out how many units are in a drink these days? Like fuck it is you stupid twat, what Professor Nathanson, and all the other fuckwits (Fuckwit = lots of degrees/qualifications but unable to tie own shoelaces) fail to realise is, ITS NONE OF YOUR DAMM BUSINESS!!!! I mean when will you learn, we like to have a drink, we like to be sociable, even the romans, called us a nation of pissheads!!!

Right the revenue from 2006 for all booze Just to get the costs out of the way!

Beer & cider duties: £3.2 bn
Spirits duties: £2.3 bn
Wine duties: £2.3bn

A total of 7.8 Billion pounds, not counting the VAT on top which would take it to a massive revenue earner of over 10 billion pounds, paid to the scrounging scots git brown. This amount dwarfs the minuscule costs of 1.7 billion treating Alcohol related diseases on the NHS!

Purely from my own fiscal point of view, if I purchase a drink in a Pub, be it beer or wines/spirits, it is understood that I pay more than the said drink is actually worth, I pay a higher price for the comfort of drinking in the pub. If I wished for cheap ale, I could and can go to the local Tesco, Morrisons et al.

Now as we age and head into our dotage, the local pub is less and less our "type of place" too many youngsters, too much loud music etc etc. Just as in our 40's we realise that clubbing is silly and make way for the youngsters coming through, as we get older our intake levels drop, we grow up and cease to be clubbers. The occasional forays to the dance floors begin to take place at weddings and birthdays.

However just because we are older and less inclined to go to the local, does not mean we dislike drink, we can still have a drink at home, but the Royal College of Physicians and now the BMA have called for drink prices to be increased, to stop the older elements of society "drinking to much"!

My parents ran pub's both managed and tenanted, when they left the pub trade, that didn't mean they gave up drinking, for years my dad brewed his own wine, and a very potent brew it was! Who needed beer when three glasses of his home made wine could put you on your back! They never drank to excess, just a few drinks whilst watching what passes for entertainment on the TV.

This as we get older is getting to be, if it was ever anything else, the norm. We have paid our taxes, our dues, contributed to the fabric of society, we do not go out and get bladdered, steaming or pished as a fart. We do not call on ambulances, we cause no fights, we do not urinate in the street, we do not go round effing and blinding it at the top of our voices. We remain safe in our homes, drinking and relaxing, in front of the TV watching the dumbed down dross that passes for entertainment or playing cards, even the odd game of scrabble.

So why this insistence from those who always presume they know better, to once again try to foist their values upon us. If they are short of friends, have boring lives, that is their fault, they failed to mix, failed to have any personality. Because the oh so righteous do gooders who infest our country are really just a lot of aging sad sack bastards who do not know when to keep their collective gob's shut!

If our elderly and pensioners want to drink at home, what the fucking hell makes it your business. During their working lives they had to put up with all your stupid petty rules and regulations, they jumped through your stupid hoops, they paid for the NHS, they paid for your schooling, they were lied to but paid anyway for the EU.

Now they have retired, they Do Not have to put up with you! You have not earned the right to comment on their lives, they are above you, you have nothing to teach them, and even more so, you talk of nothing that they need to know! Other than perhaps giving another reason for the (robbing bastard) chancellor to raise more taxes, by upping the prices in the supermarkets and off licences, to pay for an illegal war! Plus now that the smoking ban is to come into force, which will induce more people to give up, the revenue from fags will go down, and the tax on booze will go up. After all we have to pay for Tony's pension pot don't we?

Apart from the cheerful people who can afford to pop over to France on the ferry and thus stick two fingers up at Mr Brown, as they smoke and drink themselves merry on cheaper fags and booze, the less well off will buy even more off the so called smugglers, and brown will again attempt to convince us all that it pays for terrorists and aids organised crime. (Well sorry to say the most organised criminals in this country are the current crop of NuLabour Scottish mafia, who are bleeding the country dry as well as selling it to the EU) Some of us will just brew our own, which is more likely to be stronger and a hell of a lot cheaper, ooerr and no revenue to pay either. See that's whats so special about NuLabour, they cannot think through the consequences of their not so clever ideas.

But I digress, if my mum wants to drink a bottle of vodka over two years, two months, two weeks, or even two days, who's fucking business is it? After years of paying into a system, which repeatedly shafted her for more and more of her hard earned money. Has she not earned the right to do whatever the bloody hell she wants?

So to all you Physicians who profess to know so much, get off your fucking high horses, get out get a hobby, or even try and get a life. Stop kowtowing to the politicians, begging for knighthoods. Bloody hell, you should have bought one like the rest of tony's mates. Just leave me and mine alone, if nothing else all the do gooders have proved, is once they are let loose on anything they, as politicians ( who have no room to talk Re: Boozing) do, fuck it all up. It ain't broke, it don't need fixing..... now piss off and die!! I mean have they ever stopped to think, its these petty rules and regulations and the do gooders that are driving people to drink? We have a life, and we also have the freedom to live it as we see fit!

First they came for the smokers
Then they came for the obese
Next they started on pensioners
Then they came for the motorists
Now they're after those who drink.

WHY ARE POLITICIANS ARE ALWAYS EXEMPT. They get huge, tax free salaries, perks, can smoke and drink at work, can claim up to £131,000. expenses! They also have fantastic gilt edged pensions!!


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I'll be doing my best to be a problem to the BMA tonight!

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