Thursday, June 28, 2007

The EU Constitution...errrr sorry Treaty....

All the Constitution is there ! Nothing is missing !
Jean-Louis Bourlanges MEP,

We kept the substance of the Constitution
Jo Leinen MEP (President)

We have the same thing but we regressed for transparency and clearness
Enrico Baron Crespo MEP

It's incredible to see all what they slipped under the carpet !
Gérard Onesta MEP

Formally, it's not a constitution but it's a big step to the constitution
Carlos Carnero MEP

Our political union finally has a Constitution
Johannes Voggenhuber MEP

90% of the old constitution is in the treaty
Bertie Aherne Irish PM

What have the above statements all got in common?

Yes they all agree that the Treaty is the rejected constitution by another name. In other words a blatant lie, was told to the UK by twat face bliar and other Nulabour basket cases.

Now its all down to whom you wish to believe, whether you think the red lines drawn in the sand by Bliar, were just a red herring to appease the masses, and he was lying through his cheshire cat grin. Or maybe the other MEP's and Bertie Aherene were just plain lying fuckwits trying to get bliar into trouble, in his last days in office.

I know who my money is on, and all I can say is thank fuck the lying sack of shit has gone!!!

I WANT MY REFERENDUM as promised by the Labour Party, you smug self centred bastards!!

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