Monday, July 16, 2007

TB testing restarted

A school in Luton Bed's, Southfield Junior School, is restarting TB testing, but only for about 114 of its pupils. This has happened because one child has presented with full blown Tuberculosis (TB).

Now in the UK we had all but eradicated TB, which if left untreated can and does kill, so we ask what has caused the recent increase in cases?

Quite simply, the influx of immigrants both illegal and from the poorer members of the EU, have brought the TB virus back to the UK. Other countries who do not have a vaccination policy for TB thereby putting their own populations at risk, have now put our population at risk.

Whilst the Health Protection Agency (HPA) try and put a brave face on the cases that are arising, and raising some serious concerns about public health. They are now aiming vaccinations only to targeted people, or those most at risk "The new programme will identify and vaccinate babies and older people who are most likely to catch the disease, especially in those living in areas with a high rate of TB or whose parents or grandparents were born in a TB high prevalence country."

Yet again we as a Nation are seeing a wide spread increase of our scant NHS resources used to combat a disease we had as a Nation all but eradicated, and all due to the current NuLabour governments open door policy on immigration.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has found strains of TB that are resistant to antibiotics and drugs used to treat TB, how long will it be before our shores are home to this new strain? If it is not already here!

This problem is unfortunately all too endemic with the current NuLabour governments style of operation, the inability to think through the cause and effect of knee jerk policies, which are now beginning to seriously hit home.

Will Gordon Brown be any different? Well as someone who was chancellor for 10 years and therefore in the forefront of all NuLabour policy decisions, he is as culpable as Tony Bliar for the state the country is in. No matter how he tries to spin its a new start etc etc, its still the same old NuLabour at the helm, running round like headless chickens. Or as a more verbose person once said, "Their heads are so far up their own arses they're eating lunch twice!"

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