Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Simple thoughts...

I've been thinking, not too hard, so please don't get worried, but I have been thinking about how we could make things simple, not just for me but for everyone in the UK.

Taxes. Everyone agrees we pay too much tax, and until we actually get to grips with politicians and the civil servants that run it, things are not going to change. We need proposals that are easy to manage, apply to everyone and that are simple. The biggest drain on our taxes is actually the massive civil service and government itself, so we need to reduce it, and I don't mean by piddling amounts, I believe that government and the civil service could be reduced to 25% of its current size. Without loss of service, as most of them are not really needed. We need a tax office, to collect 15% of everyones earned income. This tax rate is fixed, no increases, however, no tax to be paid on the 1st 10k of earnings. Business Tax to be set at 25%, no offsetting of tax payable to be allowed. Personal Investments from stocks and shares, interest on bank accounts/saving to all be taxed at the same rate of 15%. I think most people would like the idea of one flat uniform rate for both personal and businesses. We would all be paying the same portion of our income.

VAT. This is I think a simple tax that is used incorrectly by government, yes we need VAT, but not to pay to the EU which is the use at the moment, VAT payable on everything except food and water.
This tax would be reduced to 10% and fixed at that rate. The monies raised would not go to Central Government coffers, but would pay for the local councils, thus enabling us to abolish council tax. Each town would have have a proportion of the VAT raised based on a per head scheme, ie bigger population more funding.

National Insurance. This money is to be ringfenced and used only to pay for the NHS and pensions.The amount to be set at 7.5% of income.

Road Fund Licence. This is to be ringfenced and 70% of monies to be spent on roads, the other 30% to be spent on public transport.

Immigration. All illegal immigrants to be rounded up and deported to their country of origin, no if's or buts!

European Union. Now the only people that appear to want further intigration with the EU are politicians, so we need to know just what the actual people of the UK really want. The referendum held in the 70's was a farce, the people were lied to and told the EEC was only to be a common market, not a federal superstate. So we withdraw until a proper referendum is held.

Any further ideas come on and get commenting....


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