Thursday, July 26, 2007

56 Days detention?

In the Press and news are reports that Gordo is considering giving Police an extension to the current 28 days to hold Terrorist without charge.

Now Political shyte out of the way, I am not into the Police, as far as I am concerned they have too many powers as it is. I can understand their calls that they are misunderstood and its a few bad apples etc, which I can just about wear coming from the rank and file coppers. But it gets my goat when ACPO start bouncing up and down about stuff. Because all they seem to say and want it exactly what the Government of the day want, its as if they're reading from the same hymn sheet. If they want to be political, then they should resign and run for office!

Now many of the commentors on the BBC Have Your Say (HYS) have likened the suggested request for this additional power, to the start of a police state. Well I'm really sorry to tell you, we already have one, whats more its been creeping in since NuLabour came to power, and unless you've actually had any dealings with the police you won't have noticed.

Its been insidious a slight creep here and there, one of the first things to go was politeness, instead of "excuse me blah blah blah", now its "and what the fek are you doing". The newer officer are worst for this, or maybe its just the standard of recruits at Lancashire Constabulary.

The second thing to appear is the attitude, now maybe its living in Blackpool, and having the Party conferences here, but stop to drop someone off in your car, and its a mouthful of abuse, park on yellow lines and within 20 seconds, little hitlers are there mouthing off, and champing at the bit. Look lads I know its fucking boring stood around all day, but Jeez lighten up a little, I mean do I look like a feking terrorist? If you have the temerity to answer them back, its threat time, the "I can have you down the station for wasting police time, you'll be there for hours, so lets do us both a favour and you fuck off now Right!" Yes its petty stuff, and probably is more to do with party conferences, but its still there afterwards, there is less politeness than there used to be. The threat is always a P4 or P5 what were called "Breach of the Peace", which basically is a catch all for the police to arrest you if you don't or won't do as your told.

Anyhow, the Police want these new powers in order to be able to control us, and it won't be long before they are using the threat of being banged up for 56 days, even though its supposed to be aimed at terrorists. One of my friends Dave, used to be a special and still has mates in the Force, a few of whom I have met. The consensus of opinion amongst the older PC's, the ones aged around 40, is keep your head down, do the last few years and get your pension, leave the current crop of yes men and gung ho merchants to it! Real Policing died years ago!

The older officer the one who has seen it all, knew when to apply common sense and turn a blind eye, is now leaving fed up of the shit that comes from the top, the targets, the constant alienation of the Police from the general public by the powers that be.

I would guess the following comment from HYS, is just such a copper:
From BBC News Have your Say

I am an ex police officer. If you can't garner enough evidence to charge a suspect in less than 28 days you need taking off the case and the suspect needs to be bailed. When I was a Met Police Officer during the height of the PIRA Terrorist Campaign we managed to do this in 7 days. There is a sensible case for a change in the law which permits further questioning of a suspect in relation to the same offence after charge but this is not the change I suspect the Government wants.

I suspect that having been in the line of fire, but unable to comment whilst serving, he's just glad to be out of it all.

I really do think that 7 days is too long, if they have the evidence, get him/her to court, if they don't then tough, keep working until you do have it. But to curtail someones freedom for 56 days on a "they might be a terrorist" or "the intelligence showed" is just not on. Just hink on how much shit you would be in with regards to Mortgage payment, loss of job, stigma attached etc etc, after all they name the suspects, and when they're released how many are given an apology? Would you like it to happen to you?

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Anonymous Must remain anon said...

I was a police man for 30 years and retired 14 years ago.I wouldn,t give you twopence for this modern regime.Scruffy, lazy and ill mannered, always looking for an excuse not to take action where needed.

Never mention what i used to do any more.Too ashamed.

7:40 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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