Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Smoking Trial date set...

A BLACKPOOL pub landlord has changed his name to Guy Fawkes after having his trial date set for bonfire night.

Hamish Howitt, 55, proprietor of The Happy Scots Bar on Rigby Road, is the first publican in England to stand trial on charges of flouting the new countrywide smoking ban.And taking inspiration from his trial date – November 5 – he has changed his name by deed poll to Hamish "Guy Fawkes" Howitt.

The pub owner has pleaded not guilty to 12 offences of failing to prevent smoking in smoke-free premises. His son Hugh Howitt, 37, and bar manager Warren Thompson, 25, have both denied two offences of failing to prevent smoking in smoke-free premises at the bar.
Mr Howitt said: "I've changed my name by deed poll to Hamish Guy Fawkes Howitt. It cost me £63.50. Guy Fawkes tried to burn down Parliament as a rebellious step against the government."Where Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament I want to outfox them."A charge was withdrawn against Howitt's wife Joanne, 41, after Vicki Cartmell, prosecuting, offered no evidence and magistrates dismissed the case against her.
Howitt has stated he would go to jail rather than pay any penalty.

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