Tuesday, August 21, 2007

EU Treaty the possibles...

I've been thinking, about this new treaty and what it does actually mean, to us brits, what can we expect from it:

"We are told that BRITAIN will lose its veto in 50 areas under the new EU treaty. Europe Minister Jim Murphy has told MPs. He said 13 of those will be protected under a special deal. But the remaining 37 involve critical areas.They include the loss of the veto over transport policy, energy, tourism, civil protection, space research, and commercial policy."

So if we take transport could this mean that an edict from Brussels could force us to comply with harmonisation of roads? Could the EU tell us to drive on the right and there would be nothing we could do about it, as the legislation would come from Brussels, and we have no say in the matter? Yes I am afraid that this is true, this could happen, it does not matter that our politicians tell us there is no way it could or would happen, just the simple fact that it is really possible should send shivers down your spine!

Another transport one, could this new treaty mean that we could be forced to change our roadsigns? well yes, we could be forced to display distances in kilometres not miles, and the massive cost would also have to be borne by us!

Does the loss of the Energy Veto mean that should Russia really stop supplying the EU with its gas and oil, that the EU could claim the North Sea Fields as community property? Well yes again it means exactly that. We would of course not be able to claim compensation nor set a tariff ourselves, that would of course be set by our masters in the EU. Now I know that I am being overly simplistic, but the past has shown that no matter how laws are written, unless everything is spelt out, anything is possible!

Given that the wind turbines, the really small ones you can have on your house, don't actually work or provide enough energy to warrant the cost, could the EU force every householder to pay for one? Yes you got it they can! One can also assume that in the long term they could legislate about how many times a week we drive our cars, all in the name of global warming etc etc.

Could they legislate about our tourism, well yes, they could also make it extremely difficult to holiday outside of the EU, all this and more is possible, just think of a freedom that we currently enjoy, then work out how the EU could fuck it up for us, again without our say so.

Am I using scare tactics, possibly but the way that the EU has taken or stolen competences then later given itself legislation to cover its theft, possibly speaks volumes of its future intent. Which to me is the complete subservience to the state of every person within the EU. Of course our ability to get rid of our politicians every four or five years would be pointless, after all they would not be able to stop any of these new laws anymore than they could stop the tide.

Are my above comments all possible or even probable, I don't know, I only think they are possible. It worries me that no parliament can bind its successor, yet the 1972 Act of Accession does exactly this!

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Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

It's all totally shit, isn't it?

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